Do you eat Salad? You won’t ever after reading this


Okay, our mom (well, everyone) has been telling us since we were a child that Salad is healthy and we should include it with every meal of ours but but but… is salad really healthy?

Wait, let me first be clear here that I’m not talking about this:


I’m talking about this:

Salad at a Dhaba

The pieces of onion and cucumber that we get as a compliment with some street or Dhaba food. Yes, that Salad!

If you’ve ever been to a Dhaba or a Stall, then you must have heard (or even asked) ‘Bhaiya, thoda extra salad milega?‘.

This Salad is probably one of the most hazardous stuff that we Indians consume regularly. Especially those who eat Dhaba or street food more often.

Let’s see why?

This is how street vendors cut salad

In street food stalls you can find dozens of worm larva or eggs in salad basket. The most common egg found is that of Ascaris lumbricoides, the adult form of which looks something like:

Adult form of Ascaris Lumbricoides's eggs

Ascaris eggs are found in soil and transmitted via vegetables. These cucumbers and onions are rarely washed correctly by road sellers and thus, they stay laced with pieces of soil containing the eggs.

You would never know when you consumed its eggs and numerous such worms could be growing inside your intestines (up to 35 cm or 14 inches in length). It can also travel to different areas of your body, including your eyes.

Every year around the world approximately billion individuals are infected with Ascaris eggs. Not all of them develop Ascariasis, but many do.

It is therefore recommended that you be careful while consuming street salad.

.   .   .   .   .

Now, most of you might be wondering how can 1 billion people be infected if the world population is 7 billion.

See infection doesn’t always mean that there will be visible symptoms or disease.

For example, 40% of Indians are infected with Tuberculosis bacteria but only around 2.7 million people have the disease.

Now, just go to your mom and tell her how much money of hers you’ve saved on medicines by not eating salad 😛

Source: Quora, Unsplash