What if Indian TV serials were a Reality?

What if Indian TV serials were a Reality?

If TV serials were a reality!!!

Imagine sitting with a coffee mug in hand taking small sips, speculative about the bright sun and the scorching heat outside, while wishing for the rains…and there you are…abruptly…just after a couple of minutes, it begins sprinkling, and then term it as the iconic “BIN MAUSAM KI BAARISH”…

Voila… You are into that TV Serial wali Duniya…

(..and people in the plains perform yajnas to please the God of rain for a few showers… too impartial on His part!! :P)
Let’s take a dip into what will happen if our lives were just like those in TV Serials!!


1) You will be immortal!!!

Believe me, you will be immortal and eternal. Like most of the characters in a serial, you will never bite the dust. You will become bullet-proof and fire-proof. Wait, did I tell you that there will be a couple of times when you will almost be dead, when the doctors will seek divine assistance, hoping for a miracle, and then, that miracle will happen.


2) A forbidden room, cupboard or a trunk for that matter! 😛

In whichever family you are born, a rich wealthy family, a middle class or some low-income people, you will for sure have one of these,

  • A forbidden room,
  • A forbidden cupboard, or
  • A forbidden trunk, whichever you can afford. The one which has a big secret hidden in it. And a part of your life will be spent unveiling the mysteries regarding it


3) You will always be parlor ready.

Always Parlour Ready - Hina Khan

Be it 10 am in the morning or 10 pm at the night, just got out of the bed, or just going to sleep, you will always be parlor ready.

(…and that will be without even going to the parlor. Guys, all the extra money you have been spending on those parlor treatments will be saved… Kudos!! 😉 )


4) You are born to set an example

Yes, if you are born then, you are destined to set an illustration and fight either a truant rustic who debilitates your family or some malevolent aunt of the family itself who has a monstrous love for the property.


5) Those “AWWWW” moment!!!

You will never ever have to wish for those ‘aww’ moments.

If you are a guy, then someday or the other a flying dupatta of a young lady will find its way to your face. You will turn out to be so kind that you will donate all your jackets to your girl when a cold breeze will start blowing. What’s more, on the off chance that you are a girl, then, once in a life, your jewelry or your dupatta will stall out into the catch or the watch of a handsome man.


6) Aging? Ohh never!!

No aging in Life - Divyanka

You won’t age…EVER. And even if you do, then too just a streak of your hair will whiten up, and Ummm… just a bit of knee problems..that’s it.


.   .   .   .   .

So, you see, along these lines the life changes. It changes drastically. Wonder if my life was really like that of a TV Serial? I don’t know whether it will be a nice, decent rosy bed, or a crazy roller coaster ride, but for sure, I know we all enjoy those roller coaster rides.. 😛


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