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Upon a Burning Throne
Ashok K. Banker

Chaos and destruction reigns, when honor, rules, politics and profoundly mysterious magic collides. ‘Upon a Burning Throne’ is the first installment in a new series by Ashok K. Banker. This book is profoundly driven and highly gripping, if a somewhat overlong book, which is re-imagined and retold saga inspired by Epic tale of Mahabharata.



Upon a Burning Throne by Ashok K. BankerThe saga begins with the birth of two heirs to Hastinaga, the might be, rulers of the Burnt Empire. But to prove their worth they have to sit upon the Burning Throne and endure the trial of Fire, in light of the fact that being essentially born in the Royal family does not ensure the honored position.

When the two princes, Adri, and Shvate breeze through the test and are proclaimed the rulers, their entitlement to run is raised in doubt by disability, as one has albinism, and the other is visually impaired—and the maneuvers of their uncle, the demonic outcast Jarsun, whose newborn daughter also passes the trial of fire.

When the girl is denied her case by Dowager Empress Jilana and her stepson, demigod and devout Prince Regent Vrath , Jarsun proclaims war vowing to annihilate the Burnt Empire — leaving the youthful sovereigns Adri and Shvate in the subsequent political unease, mystery intrigues and open defiance to lead a broke domain entangled in disobedience and disorder…

As the young princes must demonstrate they are able rulers as their empire gets ready for a fight that will include their families, land, humans, and divine beings.

My Opinion

Notwithstanding the weight of this nearly 700-page volume, readers will barely have the option to pull themselves far from the gut-clenching, layered storylines, and well-created characters.

Banker, the author of ‘The Ramayana Series’, astonishingly portrays the loyalties and conflicts and eccentricities of a tremendous cast, while moving his colossal story at larger than life pace through scales individual, political, and astronomical. The author successfully amazes and drives the reader out of their comfort zone.

The story is told by various points of view and relentlessly moving narrators. Each perspective detonates a momentous event that changes, builds and, defuses tension.

Banker’s writing style in the book is brisk with earth-shattering, climactic twists and turns.

While this structure can demand some change in our (readers) style as we are used to the systematic narrating of present-day fiction, which I got used to it over the period of reading this book.

Author Banker takes his own sweet time in weaving this exceptionally long story, obviously making way for the following books, and with such huge numbers of uncertain ends, I’ll most likely die of waiting for the next book.

Indeed, focusing on Upon a Burning Throne is an assignment in itself. And there is no uncertainty that the following book in the series will be larger in scale and more amazing.

It’s a must-read for the fans of GoT and Fast-paced action mythology.

For me, ‘Upon a Burning Throne‘ by Ashok K. Banker is a 5/5 stars read.

You can get your copy of this book from Amazon or Flipkart.


Upon a Burning Throne by Ashok Banker

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