Traveller Inceptio by Rob Shackleford

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What will happen when you are trying to build a machine that will help you in Security Business, but instead you create a machine that will take you back in time?

Traveller Inceptio‘ by Rob Shackleford is a Science Fiction. This book revolves around the Time-Travel concept, which takes the researchers 1000 years back in time to Saxon England.


The setup of this book is somewhat similar to that of The Outlander. But besides the set-up and the concept of time travel, the two books do not have a common ground.

It fascinated me beyond my expectations. The narration was the key parameter in reader engagement. I was deeply engrossed in the story throughout the book. And the world-building was done amazingly. Although, initially I was confused about the sudden shift in the timeline. Sometimes the story focused on the research team in the present time and in the very next chapter it got entangled with the mysterious man named Micheal Lost in a deep forest. But once the first part of the book is over, the story catches pace and gets highly engaging.

The first thing that connects the readers to the book is language. And in this case, the language is highly engaging.

Although the science component of the book was away from reality the catalyst that proved to be moving the story was the narrative and some action scenes kept the adrenaline high.

About the characters, I was easily able to connect with them as they were witty and quite eccentric, though a bit stiff at times. The ending of the book elevated the novel as a memorable read. It was an unexpected thrill beyond words.

I highly recommend ‘Traveller Inceptio‘ to the readers, who love Science Fiction, Historical Fiction and time travel genres. I am definitely sure that you are going to love this book.

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