The Things We Fear | A Book Review

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The Things We Fear By Sharit Sinha

This one starts off with the dramatic incident of two collegians in the nearby Cemetery and the birth of Zombies.  Cut to their HGRE College where the quiet, brooding Harsh is bullied by the College Football Star Rohit and his cronies as his girlfriend Rita watches in glee.  A humiliated Harsh assaults Rohit not paying any heed to his timid friend, Deep as Lata, the college newspaper editor encourages him to fight back.  Enter the main college bully Rudra Pratap who thrashes Harsh for daring to hit his man, Rohit.  Talk about clichés galore.

In an unexpected turn events, enters our Superhero and new entrant, Neel.  He’s here to do what he does best- fighting zombies, witches and vampires while also taking down the odd Bully or two.  Naturally the Ghostbuster soon becomes their Savior.

A strange twist of faith results in this motley group of 6 suddenly finding themselves in a most unlikely adventure when they have to face their own deepest, darkest fears discovering strength, friendship and brotherhood in the most unrealistic circumstances as they rush to save themselves from the ultimate witch- Akshita. 

Recommendation:  Having started off reading about Zombies, I was totally dismayed and skeptical about this one.  To make matters worse, the language wasn’t all that great.  It took me a good 100+ pages to actually start getting into the book despite its supernatural theme.  That’s when the story picked up with friendships being formed and inner conflicts being addressed.  The characters suddenly became a bit more interesting what with them having to deal with their inner most demons.  As they say, Horrors lie not just in the obvious ghosts and monsters but in ordinary people and their evil actions as well.  

Rating: 2.5/5

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