A must-read that will shake up your soul!

Faiz Yusuf

I want to start my review of ‘Supernova‘ with this Blurb, which ensnared me in its forest of emotions. And this blurb encapsulates the entire essence of the story:

“This story is not about how to achieve your dreams, though I did. This story is also not about how love arrives and leaves at unexpected times, even though it did. And again, this story is also not about how life is not a wish-granting factory and there will be a time you’ll be blamed for mistakes you never made, though I indeed was. This story is about everything that takes place in between those lines- the good, the bad and the worst, and that life will keep moving on no matter what, at a pace, you would mostly have little control over.”


Okay, when I picked this book, I had no expectations from it, reason being: I prefer giving my opinions in an unbiased and in a nonjudgmental way. And when I say unbiased, what I meant to say is my opinions are solely based on and from the readers’ perspective.

Supernova by Faiz YusufSo when I started to read this book ‘Supernova’ by the author Faiz Yusuf, I was in for a pleasant surprise for various reasons.

Supernova‘ is a story of Ezra AKA Ethan, who is an orphan. And this tale of his is one of struggle to achieve the Musical stardom. But the story doesn’t end there, it begins with him achieving his dream of being a famous musician and a singer. It henceforth becomes a journey of heartbreak, betrayal, the debris of shattered dream and experiences that makes this book an exceptionally captivating read.

I hadn’t expected this book to leave an imprint on me, long after I was done reading this book.

On my journey of reading this book, the story became a blur between reality and fiction. I was in confusion, whether the story was a fiction or a reality dipped in the essence of fiction.

The author’s writing style was so compelling, that I was lost somewhere in the narration of the story. The plot, however, won’t sound unique but the treatment of the story sticks out. The narrative of Ezra takes you on a spiritual level. You will instantly connect with the perspective of the protagonist. With all the shades of emotions, he goes through, resonates deeply with its readers.

The best thing about the book Supernova is how the author has written some beautiful verses, poems and interwoven them into the book flawlessly.

About the written style:

The language is splendid and incredibly adept to raise the reading experience to several notches.

The only thing that was off-putting me in the book was a few redundant chapters which made reading a tedious task at some places, otherwise, this book could have been a five-star read.

Do I recommend this book?

If you want to shake up your soul then Supernova is a must-read for you. The poetic narrative is going to leave something to ponder about.

For me, it’s a 4 out of 5 stars read!

You can get your copy of ‘Supernova‘ on Amazon.

Happy Reading 🙂

Supernova by Faiz Yusuf

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