Story of Anne Frank, if she had lived

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Annelies by David Gillham

What if Anne Frank hadn’t died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp?

What might have happened if she had survived the War?

In this book Annelies, David Gillham attempts to address both the questions. But did he succeed in answering those questions? Let’s find out…

In an ‘alternate reality’, Anne Frank has endured the Holocaust, and has reunited with her father Otto Frank. Her Mother and sister Margot are dead. And building a new life for every every holocaust survivor is proving difficult. Particularly for Anne. She seems unable to cast her overwhelming bundle of ‘survivor’s blame’ aside.

The bitterness and Anger have inundated Anne. She hates each and everything to do with Amsterdam. She additionally loathes the normalcy her dad is endeavoring to acquire in his life by wedding once more.

Life for war-damaged Anne is proving troublesome. Ghost of Margot has turned into her consistent buddy.

The question is – Is it possible for Anne to build a new life without the shadows of Holocaust haunting her every move?

David has attempted to fictionalize Anne’s pre-holocaust life during hiding in the Annexe and post-holocaust life, and truth be told, is a near impossible task. In spite of the fact that he wove a complicated storyline into an engaging read. In any case, the delayed flavor impression the book left was unpleasant and immense.

‘Annelies’ will bring out numerous feelings with the readers of “A Diary of a young lady”. I without a doubt disliked – the harsh, Selfish and shallow Anne. I generally envisioned to her to be another person, however not this ‘Anne’.

What I truly liked about this book – The way David, enchants its readers through his narration. Ensnaring them in Anne’s feelings, haunting them. The Story shatters you into million pieces.

What’s more, the characters of “Anne Frank; A Diary of a Girl” don’t lose their appeal and uniqueness in this book.

What’s more, I additionally adored the way that the Author made two conflicting universe of discovering Hope and joy, and the other being Bitterness, outrage and survivor’s blame, and what we picked out of these two characterizes. I extol him for taking such difficult task.

Despite the fact that at first, I attempted to discover my footings. Possibly, the reason being that I had already read ‘Anne Frank: A Diary of a Young Girl’ and I had a totally unique story mapped out for Anne Frank in my mind.

What I didn’t like for about this story of Anne, was the measure of indignation, bitterness and harshness, the character of Annelies was radiating. I now and then felt overpowered with the measure of these negative feelings and needed to keep the bookaside for some time before starting again.

All things considered, I observed this book to be elegantly composed and very much researched about. What’s more, I think individuals who read the “Anne Frank: A Diary of a Young Girl”, should read this “imagine a scenario where” Anne might have survived the Holocaust.

Rating: 4/5

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