The Best Kindle to buy in 2019

Best Kindle to buy

All that we bookworms ask for is BOOKS, a comfy couch (even a chair will work) and a cup of tea or coffee. But most importantly, we need books!

The problem is when I travel, I can’t carry many books with me and as a bookworm, you can relate to that anxiety we have. Like what if I carry these 2 books but I feel like reading this other one.

Or, let’s say you feel like reading at night but if you do so, you have to wake up again to switch off the lights, once you’re done with reading and none of us wants that. We all want to fell asleep while we’re reading a book.

I hope you relate to at least any of the above two. Anyways, here’s the catch!

Although most of us love the smell of books and those old yellow pages but we have to agree with the fact that e-readers are the best alternative ever made for books.

With e-readers or let’s just be specific ‘Kindle‘ (as that’s what we’re talking about here), you can carry thousands of books and read them wherever you want. You can now read books even after switching off your room’s light. You can now get books at much cheaper prices and there are tons of perks like that but let’s dive in a little…

Reading on Kindle
My Kindle Paperwhite

The Amazon e-reader ‘Kindle‘ comes in 3 variants:

  1. All-New Kindle (Basic)
  2. Kindle Paperwhite (Best Overall)
  3. Kindle Oasis (Rolls Royce of Kindle)

If we take its generation, storage space or 4G connectivity into consideration, then it gets divided into more (7th gen, 4th gen, connectivity, 32GB, etc.)

Note: I’m not going to list any pros or cons like ‘You can read on it anywhere anytime’, ‘Light is good’, ‘Touch is good’, ‘No strain on eyes’, etc. as all of this is obvious. 

1. All-New Kindle

Currently priced at Rs. 7,999/- on Amazon, this basic Kindle is the best you can ever get to have a taste of something like yet totally different than books.

Following are the specifications of this basic Amazon All-New Kindle:

  • Screen Size: 6 inch
  • Resolution: 167ppi (Pixels Per Inch)
  • Dimensions: 160 x 113 x 8.7 mm
  • Weight: 174 g
  • Storage: 4 GB
  • Battery: 4 weeks (Claimed)
  • Charge Time: 4 hours
All-new Amazon Kindle
Source: Amazon

Why should you buy it?

  • It’s the cheapest of all Kindles.
  • Light Weight.

Why should you avoid it?

  • The display is just 167ppi (pixels per inch) because of which you can see a little haziness and when compared to other Kindles which have 300ppi, it seems way less.
  • Battery life isn’t good in comparison to other Kindles.
  • It’s 4GB but you’ll get somewhere around 2.6GB space.
  • Not Waterproof (Well, that doesn’t bother me that much. I mean who reads in a bathtub?)

Is it the best Kindle to buy?

It totally depends on your budget here.

If you have a low budget, then I would advise you to go for this one for sure but keep an eye on the discounts. On times of Amazon sales, you can get up to Rs. 2000/- off, thus simply saying, you can buy this kindle for just Rs. 5,999/- on Amazon sales.

But if you can add up a little bit more money into your budget or if you want a good display, then I would advise you to skip this one and go for the next a.k.a. Kindle Paperwhite.

Order now at Amazon


2. Kindle Paperwhite

Currently priced at Rs. 12,999/- on Amazon, Kindle Paperwhite is the best Kindle in every aspect.

Following are the specifications of Kindle Paperwhite:

  • Screen Size: 6 inch
  • Resolution: 300ppi (Pixels Per Inch)
  • Dimensions: 167 x 116 x 8.18 mm
  • Weight: Wi-Fi: 182 g or Wi-Fi + Free 4G : 191 g
  • Storage: 8 GB or 32 GB
  • Battery: 6 weeks (Claimed)
  • Charge Time: 3 hours
Kindle Paperwhite
Source: Amazon

Why should you buy it?

  • 300ppi (pixels per inch) display + 5 LEDs (crispier text)
  • Light Weight
  • Battery life is good (around 6 weeks)
  • More Storage Space (8GB or 32GB)
  • Waterproof
  • Flush Front Design (makes it easier to clean)
  • Bluetooth connectivity to listen to audiobooks
  • Black and White Inversion Mode (makes background black with white text)

Why should you avoid it?

  • The screen isn’t smudge-proof.
  • The black and white glare is a bit much.

Is it the best Kindle to buy?

In one word: YES!


Well, at just Rs. 12,999/- (sometimes Rs. 9,999 if it’s a sale), you’re getting a Kindle with all of its hardware flaws fixed. The only thing missing is the page-turning buttons but hey, who needs that when you can turn pages by touching the screen.

The reading experience on Kindle Paperwhite is just amazing. It’s crispier and easy to eyes.

I know the software lags and is still super-slow but it lags on all Kindles and there’s no need to worry as Amazon will soon provide an update for it.

Honestly, I use Kindle Paperwhite too and for me, it’s the best alternative to a physical book.

Order now at Amazon


3. Kindle Oasis

Currently priced at Rs. 24,999/- on Amazon, Kindle Oasis is the Rolls Royce of e-readers.

Following are the specifications of Kindle Oasis:

  • Screen Size: 7 inch
  • Resolution: 300ppi (Pixels Per Inch)
  • Dimensions: 159 x 141 x 3.4-8.3 mm
  • Weight: 194g
  • Storage: 8 GB or 32 GB
  • Battery: 6 weeks (Claimed)
  • Charge Time: 3 hours or 2 hours (if charged through Amazon 5W charger)
Kindle Oasis
Source: Amazon

Why should you buy it?

  • With the addition of 25 LEDs for even more crispier text and page-turning buttons, this Kindle has it all.
  • Everything that Kindle Paperwhite is missing is being covered by Kindle Oasis.

Why should you avoid it?

  • It is expensive!

Is it the best Kindle to buy?

This is literally the Rolls Royce of e-readers. It has everything!

The only reason to avoid it is its cost. Though if you have a huge liking for e-readers and can afford it, then do go for this one else I’ll suggest you go for the Kindle Paperwhite.

Order now at Amazon

.   .   .   .   .

For those, who managed to read the full article, I have a gift for you. A 10% discount coupon code on any Amazon Kindle you buy from Amazon for the first 3 readers. To avail it, just follow the following steps:

1. Click on the Kindle you want to buy below:

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4. Now, once approved, 10% will be credited to your Amazon Pay Balance.

Note: This coupon code will work only for the first 3 users.

.   .   .   .   .

For those, who couldn’t get a 10% off, I have something for you guys.


Click here and download 30 books for your Kindle for free.

Also, if you want to read some books on your kindle, then you can just DM me the names on Instagram and if possible, I’ll send it to you for free.

So, guys hope that helped.

Do let us know which kindle did you buy in the comments below and happy reading 🙂



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