7 Signs that your Crush Likes you

Ever had those butterflies in your stomach, or ever felt those Bollywood movie violins being played behind you when someone enters, or ever started blushing even at the thought of someone?

Well the first time this might had happened to you, it must have been your first crush…we all have had crushes, sometimes in our life, but the biggest question always on mind is, “Whether my crush approves of me, or he wants to crush me down, or maybe I matter nothing…“.

So, here are some signs which show that your crush likes you…here you go!

1) He AVOIDS you!

Though it seems insane, but it is true till the time your crush doesn’t hate you. If the person you like, likes you too, he will surely avoid you for some time, ‘coz that’s the time he gives for introspection.


Yes, even if you people start meeting, there will be a big no from his side for eye contact, but he will steal glances at you, just to appreciate the creator.

P.S.- Eyes do speak a lot of guys! 😉

3) A good SOCIAL MEDIA friend, but a SILENT in real life…

More often than not it happens that the person who likes you is comfortable chatting with you on social media, but in real life…oh wait…you might even think the other person to be dumb…

4) Too much LAUGHTER around…

HE Laughs a Lot!

The person will laugh at all those lame jokes of yours for which you might even have had got some “chappals” from your roommates…

5) SECRET time!!

If the person is sharing secrets with you, want to know yours, want to know that every single detail, even when you both are not the best of friends, cheers, you are on the same page!

6) The helping Maniac…

“Such a helpful person”, is all you will be able to say every now and then. He will find ways to help you out even if he is not in a position to do so…

7) A long list of Compliments…

If your crush never runs out of compliments and appreciations for you, a sign maybe you are also his crush. If your crush appreciates you for passing even a glass of water and that’s not his normal behavior with every other person them maybe..maybe you are his liking…

.   .   .   .   .

Okay, so these are just seven signs that your crush likes you but the world is full of such signs. I sure have missed out signs that you know or if you think I’m wrong with any of the points above then do let me know in the comments or on Instagram.


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Pragya Mishra


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