Womb of Fireflies by Ambika Barman | A Must Read!
Womb of Fireflies by Ambika Barman

Womb of Fireflies by Ambika Barman

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Womb of Fireflies by Ambika Barman

The cover of the book ‘Womb of Fireflies by Ambika Barman, is as mesmerizing as the story itself. And the vivid description of Sundarbans, where the story takes shapes, draws its readers to the very emotions and Passion of the characters living in that place.

Opening Lines: As I, Alok’s not so little daughter, saw the day signing off.

Page Counts: 161 pages

Publisher: Invincible Publishers

Publication Date: March 22nd, 2019

In this tale of Ashok along with his wife Snehalata, reminisces of the life in Sunderbans with his family.

Sundarbans home to Royal Bengal Tigers, Sundari trees, and Ashok’s beginning.

The way the author Ambika has woven the tale of family, love, pain, and tragedy is remarkable.

The vividness of the story is so stark that you can feel the very air of Sundarbans, surrounding you. The barks of trees imprinted forever in your mind.

The waft of emotions of the characters assaulting every sense of your being.

The story itself speaks of love, Innocence, pain, and humanity, surviving amidst the chaos of destruction that plagues Sundarbans frequently.

“There were no Fireflies to belittle themselves in front of the morning Sun, all gone. After all, that’s what the Sun promises, to hide the weakest under his light.”

The narrative of Ambika is like mountain air, fresh and bewitching.

The characters take roots in your heart and their pain becomes your pain, and their smile becomes your smile.

Ambika’s Womb of Fireflies grips you to the very edge of wherever you are at that moment, reading. You don’t want the book to end, yet you want to the fate of those characters you befriended in the book.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the book was the language. There were a few grammatical errors and hence it earned 4 stars, otherwise, the book deserves 5.

Do I recommend this book?

Yes! I very much do. This fast-paced book is going to take you on a roller-coaster journey of emotions that is humanity. A Must Read!

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Womb of Fireflies by Ambika Barman - Cover

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