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Wisdom from the Ramayana

Wisdom from the Ramayana: On Life and Relationships by Chaitanya Charan

Writing anything about the author & this book will be “Chota Muh Badi Baat”. So, I would rather keep this very general & less technical.

Page Count: 240 pages

Publisher: Fingerprint!

Publication Date: September 1st, 2018

Author of this book as we all know is a profound researcher of Bhagavad-Gita & other ancient texts. In his latest book, he talks about the learnings one can have from Ramayana on life & relationships. While reading the epic during our childhood we never thought that it is more than a story let alone a treasure of spiritual wisdom. Author’s perception of this old text is really fascinating & enchanting. You find yourself reliving your childhood but with a new life lesson in every chapter.

The language of the book is really simple but the use of many difficult words make it a bit difficult, for a reader with a limited vocabulary. Use of simple words to explain the rather complex topic of spirituality would have helped us.

Also, the way bhakti yoga & spirituality is showcased as an answer to every question makes it difficult to digest for people who are yet to take a step towards the path of yoga or spirituality. We suggest that one should choose this book only if they are ready to take a leap of faith towards spirituality & yoga. If you are looking for answers to your relationship problems, this book is definitely not the right choice. This book is much more.

There is nothing much to talk about the flow of this book, coz Ramayana in itself is a complete package of interesting characters & intriguing events. As we proceed through each chapter in this book, we tend to understand the characters & probable reasons behind the way they behaved during a particular event.

The best part of the book is a small summary at the end. If you have not read Ramayana in school or during your childhood & even missed watching Ramanand Sagar’s series aired on Doordarshan during the late ’80s, you should start this book by reading the summary first. It will introduce you to the epic before you dive into the depths of this time-honored text. Once you are done reading all the chapter’s and the small summary, the author surprises you with a note on “Pure Love” while he finishes his book.

So, what are you waiting for, grab your copy and enter the mysterious world of Rama, which is full of wisdom; if only you are willing to seek it.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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Shubhra Mukherjee

Shubhra Mukherjee

Shubhra is a Chartered Accountant who has worked in the corporate world for 7 yrs. before she chose to become a certified yoga teacher. She is an avid reader & currently enjoying her sabbatical GAP year. Last but not least, she is a solo traveler & loves to ride, especially her Royal Enfield.


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