What if I start to hate Reading Books?

What if I start to hate Reading Books?

It’s been ages since I bought a book for me from a bookstore or even from an online store to read. Being a Book Blogger, you get books from Authors and Publishers to review, and thus I am reading the books, I may or may not like…

Most of you must be thinking, “Wow! You get free books to review? 😮 Amazing!!!”.

But hey wait! 

Just calmly think of this situation. You love watching movies and thus you start your own movie review site. Now, makers are approaching you and asking you to watch their movies and review them. Are you gonna love it? Of course, you’ll BUT, Yes but only to an extent. After a while it gets monotonous, your subconscious mind starts seeking ways for not watching movies and mere the name ‘movie’ gives you a big yawn. And then you ask yourself, “What if I start hating movies?” because at first, the movies that you’re gonna watch might not be good. Well, let me be honest, most of them might be horrible. And you still have to watch it.

The same case is with me, but instead of movies, I have read books.

The last book I bought was “Turtles all the way down” by John Green and it was agesssss ago. The mere idea of buying books gives you an adrenaline rush!!! But sometimes and in other cases, most of the time (I hope you getting the gist here) reading becomes a huge dull and uninteresting task. At first, I was super excited about getting free books but trust me, buying books and reading them has its own Charm.

These are some of the books, that I’m thinking of buying and reading them for a very long time:

1984 by George Orwell


Any Travel Guide


The Motorcycle Diaries

For now, I’ve around 4 books which I have to read and review and I’ve decided that once I am done with them, I’ll buy some books and read them all because I don’t want the epic gift of God i.e., to be able to read, to fade away.

The point of reading is that you’re enjoying it and if you’re not enjoying it, then trust me, reading is of no use.

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