Weed Out by Toshan Das - A must-read for all age groups!
Book Cover of Weed Out by Toshan Das

A must-read for all age groups!

Book Review of
Weed Out by Toshan Das

It is rare that you get to review a book with a social message – but packed with entertainment is rare.

Toshan Nimai Das, a monk in the monastery in Pune has blended his spiritual and wisdom with a punch of crime thriller and has come up with a concept, which is rather eye-opening and alarming as to how easy it is to get your hands drugs which are nowadays easily available.

The author has also pointed out the fact that quitting an addiction is no easy task but if you make up your mind it’s not hard either.


Opening Lines: The sea felt so vast and turbulent, I sat there meditating in a calm mood, and it was an unusually quiet afternoon.

Page Counts: 156 pages

Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific

Publication Date: February 18th, 2019


What did I like about the book?

Author Nimai has excellently narrated story, piquing readers interest and getting them hooked to the story.

Storytelling is an art in itself and the author has done an excellent job of creating art out of such a serious concept.

The author has woven a story of many shades of layers intricately. Each layer is well defined and properly told.

Characters of the story play an important role in making or breaking it.

Character in ‘Weed out’ are taken out of our everyday life: People from college, work, neighborhood… And the connection you established with them is instant.

The characters I fell in love were Arya. What’s the best about her is that she’s sorted and knows what she wants in her life and spiritually strong.

On the other hand, Tanmay is weak but he knows his vulnerability and knows how to overcome those vulnerabilities.


What I did not like about the book?

I felt that the book was stretched a bit. A few fewer pages and it could have been a 5 star read.


Do I recommend this book?

‘Weed Out’ is a must read for every age group. Light and engaging read.

My Rating: 4/5 stars


Weed Out by Toshan Das - Book Cover

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And that was our opinion, our review of Weed Out by Toshan Das.

Hope you liked it 🙂

But if you didn’t, then do let us know why in the comments below, so that we can work on that and make things better.

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Happy Reading!

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