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Want some unique gifts for Book Lovers? Try Artykite!

Yesterday, at around 3 noon I was sleeping when someone knocked on my door. I woke up and went to open the door. It was the courier boy with a package. I signed and take my parcel and then read what was written on the top i.e., From “

I bought the scissors and cut the parcel from the top edge consciously and this is what I found inside it:

Kabir Das - Artykite

Charles Dickens - Artykite

Allama Iqbal - Artykite

Order on Artykite

Well, before you prejudice anything that impedes your attraction towards Artykite, let me show you the real beautiful products they have. (The above pictures are just a glimpse)

They have lamps:

Mirza Ghalib- Allama Iqbal Lamps


They have Diaries/Notepads:


They have Posters, cups, mugs, bags, and much more!

Artykite fuses pop art, poetry, and literature to create funky literary merchandise. The aesthetically designed products add poetic vibe to your monotonous routine.

If you like any of the above products or want to see more of it, then just go to their website

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