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Review of the book Trickster by Vinaya Bhagat

Trickster by Vinaya Bhagat

When I requested the book Trickster from the Author Vinaya Bhagat, I didn’t know what I was laying my hands on. I thought it to be a story on Supernatural beings. The stories we latch onto the moment we hear it from our Grandparents. But (a big, bold BUT) was I wrong? Oh Yes! I was in for a Big surprise!

Publication Date: February 20th, 2018

Publisher: Harper Collins India

Page Count: 240 pages

Opening Sentence: “Manu realized that they had been tricked, but it was too late.”

I don’t know what I want to talk about – the Characters or the fact that I was scared to my wits, which is by the is a very rare sight to see. The goriness of the story and the fact that most of the chapter ended in a cliffhanger is what made the book unputdownable.

What should I talk about? Characters or the Book? Let’s start with the Book.

The book Trickster lives up to its name, very tricky and keeps you on the edge until the last page. Trickster is a story of Diya, whose parents are killed in an unnatural horrific car accident (or so Diya thought). While mourning her Parents, she gets a letter from India, shattering her belief that she knew everything about her parents and their horrific past India. She comes to India to know more about her parents family and unravel the dark secret that had forced her parents to flee and hide in America. But in the process of finding more about her parents, she unravels the horror of the legend of Chakwa – The Master Trickster. Chakwa is a Trickster, who plays with the mind of people, causing chaos and death in its wake…

Will Diya be able to defeat The Master Trickster in its own game or get tricked and succumb?

Now the Characters

Let’s talk about Diya first. Diya’s character is like any other girl, more humane and very well developed. The instant connection readers form with the ‘The protagonist’ is what sets the entire mood of the book. There were a few characters who were able to lighten up the mood of the gorrishness of the book. Author Vinaya Bhagat introduced a lot of characters throughout the book, most of them were smoothly gelled into the story but a few characters were kind of thrown into the story causing a bit of confusion.

The Book has many intrinsic layers to it, woven smoothly into the story. Even though being a debut book, the narration is par with the majority of Indian writers. Author Vinaya has put in a lot of effort and done a thorough job of researching the story. A single misstep and the story could have gone awry.

The book has a very interesting storyline. The Book is not at all a light read. It tricks you, confounds you into believing that you are reading a Paranormal genre, BUT NO!!! It’s more than that. The story draws you into the world of horror filled sleepless nights. However much you try to not read the book, but it holds you into its death grip until you know the answers to all the questions you had. I know, Creepy right?

Quote: Fear was a currency that led only to Bankruptcy.


The Trickster is a kind of read that provides full of entertainment. It’s definitely a recommended read for the fans of Horror, Thriller, and Supernatural genre. It’s a brilliant book with a refreshing vibe of beautiful mountainside freshness that surrounds the story.

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Rating: 5/5

About the Author
from Goodreads

Vinaya Bhagat

Vinaya Bhagat

Vinaya Bhagat is an IT professional and author. Her short stories have been published in anthologies and have been short-listed in national and international writing competitions. Trickster is her debut novel.

Vinaya grew up with her face partly obscured by the books she was reading. She knew more about her favorite characters than her next door neighbors. When not reading she was writing and immersing herself in imaginary worlds.

Writing took a backseat as she pursued a career in IT, until a fateful day in December 2006. On that cold winter morning in Dallas Texas, she met with a near-fatal car crash. During her lengthy recovery, from wounds of body and mind, she once again found solace in writing and picked up the pen with renewed focus.

Vinaya lives in Bangalore, India with her husband, who is a radiologist and her eight-year-old son. Weekends find her inventing stories and games with her son.

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