Together Forever To Never by Satish Goyal | Book Review
Together Forever to Never by Satish Goyal | Book Review

Together Forever To Never by Satish Goyal

Book Review of Together Forever To Never by Satish Goyal

Together Forever to Never by Satish Goyal is a story of Samar, whose life is as happy as is it can be. He has everything a man can dream of: Successful career in a Multi-National company, happy married life with Monali and a cute little son.

But then fate strikes… Monali dies due to a complication caused by an accident. This unexpected turn of the event sends Samar into the dark world of depression.

But then enters a beautiful Sariyanka in Samar’s life. She is beautiful, ambitious and in love with Samar.

But there is something that doesn’t meet the eye, something dark and Sinister that Sariyanka is hiding.

Should Samar trust Sariyanka?

Opening Lines: Last eleven years flashing post my eyes.. a third of my life… How I met her in 2004 and quickly fell in love… our bike rides… our dates… our throwing

Page Count: 188 pages

Publisher: Paper Town Publishers

Publication Date: December 5th, 2018

The beginning of ‘First two chapters set my expectations on high. But Forever to Never’ left me heartbroken. I was intrigued, dying to know more of Samar’s life post-Monali’s death.

I knew this book is going to be full of an emotional roller-coaster ride, and I was prepared for it.

The author here has experimented with the book, he has also given spiritual meaning to the book. Author has also penned a few poems in the book which were quite good.

First two chapters set my expectations on very high for this book. But then the story kind of moved very fast. The initial connection I had established with characters were kind of lost at the end.

Together Forever to Never with unique storyline could have been better. But the second half had a very bland taste. A little more work on the emotional side of the story could have earned 5 stars.

The narration is good but lacks depth and language is crisp and lucid. The concept of the story is different and good. Overall it is a good book.

My Rating: 3/5 stars


Together Forever To Never by Satish Goyal | Book Review

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