Tied Hearts: Lust, Love, Longing, and Rajveer by Vikram Singh
Tied Hearts by Vikram Singh

Tied Hearts: Lust, Love, Longing, and Rajveer by Vikram Singh

This was the first book I read on Gay couple, so obviously I was a bit doubtful as to how the story would shape. But Oh, Boy! What a beautiful love story!!! It has everything…There is a first meeting, A friendship, and Love and then obsession.

Opening Sentence: Shit! It’s 11:45 p.m., and I’m still stuck here.

Page Count: 200

Publisher: Partridge Publishing India

Publication Date: February 20th, 2018

Tied Hearts really starts with a bang, When Veer takes asks for a lift in Raj’s car. That scene sets the mood of the entire book. Vikram Singh does a great job giving life to the book. I couldn’t help but enjoy the way he’s weaved a Love story of two Men who are the exact opposite of each other.

Kudos to the Author as he has done a really good job of putting emotions in every word And the characters Raj and Veer are so real. And the sheer force of raw emotions between Raj Veer moves you to another level.
It’s really applaudable that Author didn’t hesitate to write a book on homosexuals, that too a good one. Veer with empathetic nature is soft and innocent and Raj, on the other hand, is aggressive, strong and obsessive. A lethal mix of emotions is bound to entertain you.

There’s also a lot of diversity in the book but it’s done in a subtle way. The thing I loved the most about the book was the love vibe that you feel throughout the read.

The book is the first-person narrative, in this case, Veer. The author doesn’t disappoint with the writing, impressed me with how well thought out and Breezy easy to read the book was. Vikram takes his characters, makes them into people you get an instant emotional connection with, be it a good or bad one. I didn’t want the book to end yet I was in a hurry to reach the end as I wanted to know the fate of their relationship.

Would I recommend Tied of Hearts? Well, hell yes! If you love Romance fictions then this book is definitely worth picking up. It’s emotions packed journey into something very special!

Read it, everyone, read it!

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Tied Hearts: Lust, Love, Longing, and Rajveer by Vikram Singh
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