The Sellout Nation by Vikram Bhatti
The review of the book The Sellout Nation by Vikram Bhatti

The Sellout Nation by Vikram Bhatti

Satire is vital, healthy to the society we live in. It gives us a sharp realization of the absurdities that we have become so used to. Satire is stark truth in disguise of comedy, it makes us laugh, crack up, but in the end hoping of bringing the change we so need into the society we live in.

Publication Date: May 19th, 2018

Publisher: Notion Press

Page Count: 230 pages

Opening Sentence: Every morning, it took the village rooster at least three calls before Aam Prasad lazily turned to his side on the floor mat, cuddled his son and asked his wife for his morning tea.

Vikram Bhatti’s “The Sellout Nation” is Profoundly hard hitting and strangely humorous. Author Vikram Bhatti through his book takes aim at ‘Globalisation’ something that the book refers to as “Gullibalisation – The international art of fooling the fools”, and the collective impact it has on our Nation.

Synopsis on Book:

A humorous account of the Republic of Bharatpur, which is infamous for its poverty and potholes, and is home to a billion Locals. However, unknown to the Locals, the Republic is about to have a million dollar makeover, all thanks to newly signed ‘Open Your Door Policy’ and the generosity of two international visitors, Mr. George W. Push and Miss Pamela Lewinsky, the President and the First Lady Secretary of the global superpower USK.

Their mission is to turn citizens into consumers and transform rural Bharatpur into India Nagar – a modern-day metropolis, full of international brands and products. But, are their promises for real or is it another profit-generating scheme aimed to benefit the west?

Will the Locals recall the Swadeshi movement and resist this international takeover, or, just a few decades after attaining Independence, will the Republic sell itself out to Gol-bol-lie-sation?


It has an intense dark message and yet at the same time, it’s hilarious. It raised many questions in my mind.  I was left wonderstruck at how the author so delicately drew a picture so horrifying. He nudges the readers to imagine and question themselves that are we really that ‘Gullible’, Don’t we have a mind of our own?, ‘Why we always walk on others path, instead of making ours?’, these questions leave us dreading. The story remains with you long after you are done with it.

Author has done a very good job of carving the characters out with an essence of famous National and International politicians. Each character is unique with their own personality and each blends smoothly into the story. It was funny and smart and all of the things that I had not expected.

Vikram Bhatti’s “The Sellout Nation”, groups all of these into an amazing comical book and elicits readers view on Globalisation.  A delicious, light but yet thought-provoking book on the never-ceasing wonders of the imagination.


The Sellout Nation is Super fun to read, narrated brilliantly with simple and easy language. Everyone should read it and will understand the political humor and satire, if not already known. I recommend this book to every reader!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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