The Paintbrush by Krishnasish Jana | An incredible masterpiece!
The Paintbrush by Krishnasish Jana

An incredible masterpiece that left me speechless by the end!

Book Review of
The Paintbrush By Krishnasish Jana

Publication: Locksley Hall Publishing LLP

Page Count: 183 pages

Publication Date: September 1st, 2018

Review: The Story is about a boy Raman born in the slums of Bhalar who has to face multiple adversities thanks to his drunken lout of a father. After the so-called accidental death of his mother, Raman finds unexpected love and support from his Stepmother who encourages his artistic tendencies. Fed up of the constant torture, the mother-son duo end up fleeing to Teheroi in search of a better life.

Help comes from unexpected quarters as the young boy’s talent is discovered by Artist Shivram who helps him earn money by selling his paintings. Years pass by happily until the teenager and his mother come upon a shocking discovery. As they say, when one door closes another opens and fortune shines once more on Raman as he finds support from elderly Art patron Mr. Subramaniam who helps put him on the map.

After a few years, Raman and his childhood sweetheart Mini get married with the blessing of her dying father and his mother. Within a year of their marriage, they lose Raman’s Ma when an undiscovered tumor explodes in her brain. Time goes on and finally, they get pregnant with their first child. However, Tragedy strikes once more when Mini dies during childbirth leaving a heartbroken Raman holding on to his baby Pakhi.

Abdul, an orphan becomes a part of their family helping Raman raise the young Pakhi. Raman tries to discourage Pakhi from pursuing Art as he considers an Artist’s life is cursed. However, despite her obvious intelligence in studies, young Pakhi is constantly drawn towards Painting. Abdul supports Pakhi and convinces Raman to nurture her talent.

Pakhi grows up to be a talented artist following her father’s footsteps. Moreover, she has the advantage of education to bolster her confidence. Understanding the fickle nature of Art; just like her father, Pakhi too takes up a job in order to help support her passion.

Do the father-daughter duo gain respect and recognition due to them from the Art world despite all odds or is their passion relegated to just a hobby? Read and find out for yourself in this incredibly poignant book that has some amazing life lessons.

Recommendation: I read this one from cover to cover and was left with a feeling of awe and loss by the time I finished it. What an incredible Masterpiece, especially coming from such a young Author. Felt a whole gamut of emotions and was left speechless by the end.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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About the Author

Krishnasish Jana, the author of The Paintbrush

Krishnasish Jana, who currently lives in Kolkata, was born and brought up in Kharagpur, West Bengal. He completed his graduation in 2017, the same year he finished writing his debut novel. He has published short fiction and poetry on numerous platforms before. Besides writing and reading, he also loves to sketch, and he is currently working on his first graphic novel. His poetry blog ‘Birdcages’ can be followed at

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