The Numinous Personage by Rukhsar Shafi | Book Review

The Numinous Personage by Rukhsar Shafi

Book Review of The Numinous Personage by Rukhsar Shafi

Let me first tell you the meaning of the title of this fiction.Numinous” is an adjective that means having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of divinity and “Personage” is a noun which means a person (used to express importance or elevated status). So basically, the title means “a divine/spiritual/religious person”. However, after I finished reading the book, I thought it should have been titled “The numinous Cloister” as in “The divine/spiritual/religious community”. Nevertheless, the title & synopsis is catchy enough to make you pick up a copy of this suspense fiction.

Opening Lines: The streets of Beaumont Valley had been deserted.

Page count: 256 pages

Publisher: Maple press

Publication Date: September 1st, 2018

The story is set up in the beautiful valley of Beaumont and revolves around the alternate community living with the human race. The author’s description of the place and its citizens makes you feel you’re living and breathing with them in that space. Her way of storytelling is very “English” but very simple, hence making it easy for us to read.

Unless you read about the author, you won’t realize that it is written by an Indian living in India. She is so good with the details that you can actually imagine the events happening in front of your eyes. The story somewhere seems inspired by “The Twilight Saga” & “The Harry Potter” series, but the author has tried her best to give the story a unique plot. As you proceed, too many characters & creatures with similar names makes the read a bit confusing. At few instances, you are left wondering how is this happening? Where are the other citizens of the town?  … Towards the end, the intensity of these questions increases and the story ends without answering them. The author has used epilogue of this book as the prologue of her next book (I am assuming this coz, the suspense continues…)

In short, I will give The Numinous Personage by Rukhsar Shafi 4 Stars/out of 5 for its narrations, storytelling & easy language. But hold one star for the confusing ending. It is an awesome read & should be used by our beloved Bollywood to make our very own fantasy movie (not a horror/ghost movie). Looking forward to reading many more books from Rukhsar Shafi.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

The Numinous Personage by Rukhsar Shafi | Book Review

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About the Author

Rukhsar Shafi

Born: Mangalore, India


Twitter: @rokstar010

Hello, my fellow bookworms. Here comes the disastrous version of my bio.

“Rukhsar Shafi is an Indian author. The Numinous Personage is her first novel. She hails from the port city of Karnataka, Mangalore but she has no known address as she lives most of the time, in her head.

She loves photography, road trips, and art. She is an avid sports fan and has a varied collection of music.

She fell in love with books after she read Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella. And since then she has never stopped herself to fawn over fictitious characters and impressive plot-lines.

Her favorite authors are Jennifer L Armentrout, J.K. Rowling, and Rick Riordan. 

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Shubhra Mukherjee

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