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The Mysterious Cat

We killed a cat! Saw a Cheetah!  Sang until our voice starts to crack! Clicked and shot at least a total of 100 photos and videos of just the road or clouds and all that in ONE NIGHT!!!

“Today, I got a call from them,” spoke Mukul.

“Them?” I asked.

“My College!”

“The classes will start from 04-September-2018” he added.

“So, when are you going?”, I asked.

“On 02-September-2018” he stated.


So, my friend Mukul is going to pursue D. Pharma from Haridwar and for a month he’s been waiting for the call from the College and on 31-August-2018, he got a call and thus finally he is going today i.e.,02-September-2018.

That’s the root of this post, this story.

So, there’s this another friend of mine, Amit who is living alone in his house as his parents are out of the station and thus he asked everyone that’s Brijesh, Vishal, Mukul, Jitu, and me, to come at his place at night and eventually we all did except Jitu.

We first went to Chhatwal Chicken Point which is a quite famous Chicken maker here in Haldwani. Though personally, I don’t like its chicken. It’s not awful but not delicious either but who will say no to food if someone else is paying for it.

Well, keeping this aside, we all went first to Amit’s place after having the chicken and then called our friend Shubham who is pursuing Btech. from a college at Bhimtal. We just wanted to get assured that whether or not he can leak out from the hostel at this point of time to be with us (11:00 p.m.). Actually, we were planning to go to Bhimtal which is around 28km from where we lived. Well, I know 28km doesn’t sound much but

“It’s not about how long the path is but how the path is!”

Due to the excessive rain, a lot of landslides have been happening there and also the road is not in good condition and also, you can see a Tiger or a Cheetah on the road.

So, we called Shubham and asked if we should come or not and eventually we didn’t. Well, that’s a whole story within itself so I am moving ahead.

After getting a ‘NO’ from Shubham, we just talked about things and it was like that happy friends sort of moment…


Then, one of us spoked, “Let’s go to the Bus Station and have a Tea”.

We then hushed out of the house and sat in the car. Mukul was driving (He is a Learner. He doesn’t even have a License either!) and Brijesh is sitting beside him on the front. On the back, it was me, Vishal and Amit.

Mukul is Driving
Mukul is Driving

“The road is there. It will always be there. You just have to decide when to take it.”
— Chris Humphrey

Being inside a car is a very compelling feeling for me. Just imagine your friend is driving down the street or highway and you roll your window down. You first stick your hand out the window and let the wind flow around your hand, and then you lean over and stick your head & shoulders out of the car and the feeling of pure, unadulterated bliss comes over you.

Where we had our Tea
Where we had our Tea

So, we reached Bus Station and had our tea which was ok, but then I don’t know why I thought of having a Pan with a Chai which was literally awful, so I spit it out.

tea Stall

BTW I don’t eat eggs and the reason why I am telling you this is that other than me, all ordered a Bun Omelette. I soon realized it’s taste is horrible, though they didn’t say anything but I can surmise it from their faces.

Then we get into the car to get home but in the way, someone gave an impeccable idea of going to Nainital and so we got on our path to Nainital.

“Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.” — Emma Chase

Everything was superfine!

We were clicking photos of every possible thing we can and were making videos of us singing on the road or of the moon or just a timelapse and Vishal & Amit were going live.

Songs on that perfect volume that we neither can say deafening nor quiet. Just that perfect volume where your lips automatically start moving and one starts to sing and then everybody around you starts to sing and every one of you knows that you must be sounding awful to others but who cares! No one of us sings well, but at that moment it was flawless. We were shouting like crazy and then came a turn and that’s when that happened…

My head and shoulders were out of the window and I was looking on the road. The first thing I saw as we progressed towards that huge turn on the road was a cat running towards us and that’s when I saw a Cheetah behind that cat running towards us. I rapidly pull in my shoulders & head and got struck by the window pane on the head. It wasn’t excruciating but what I saw from the window was that the Cheetah just ran inches away from me & briskly went into the jungle and when I looked back I saw that we have just run over that poor cat.

All of us quickly rolled up our windows and tried to decode about what had just happened. Everyone then after gaining their consciousness stuttered to Mukul that it’s not his mistake and he has done right. Everyone other than me because I don’t actually have much experience in driving but they all has, other then Mukul, of course, and trust me when I say that for them even 5 gears in a car seems less!

Then Brijesh said to Mukul, “Now the ghost of that deer will come in your dreams”.


And then Amit said, “It was a Cat!”

Mukul who was driving and I (who was looking out of the window) has literally seen the whole thing in 4k and knows how, why, who’s and other W’s but all others have an “I THINK” in their statement.

And then we turn around and came back home where we talked more about that incident and other incidents. Overall, we passed that night with the most chilling, basic, petrified, beautiful and compelling moments of our lives.

Eventually we slept
Eventually, we slept



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