The Legacy of Nothing by Manoj Pandey | Book Review

The Legacy of Nothing by Manoj Pandey

Book Review of The Legacy of Nothing by Manoj Pandey

The Legacy of Nothing by Manoj Pandey is a collection of 10 Short Stories. Each story soaked in the essence of poetry speaks to you in a way that every cell in your body shivers in pure ecstasy of its emotions.

Page Count: 126 pages

Publisher: Pan Macmillan India

Publication Date: January 20th, 2019

As each tale is plucked out of the darkness of human emotions and dipped in the restlessness of modern living. And to give company to these beautiful tales are the art of Yuko Shimizu. These illustrations are emotions unto itself. Beautiful and profound.

Manoj in his book talks about: Love at first virtual sight, but pure in emotions, the pain of Rape yet it is the only way of survival, Sacrifice of a husband, Depression, lust of a man that ruins him and many more such stories that will a huge impact in your heart.

With his poetic narration, Manoj has won my heart. This book moved me in a very deep way. I was so overwhelmed with these stories that I had to close the book midway and let those words sink in deep.

As Prajwal Parajuly so aptly said in just a few words:

A book for the Twenty-first-century reader – Pithy, groundbreaking, and thoroughly entertaining.

Sharing with you a few lines of two tales of love, Pain, and survival.



Inadequacy (Love at first virtual sight, but pure in emotions)

It started with a Picture
On Facebook.

A tiny thumbnail,
On the mobile screen.

Sharp features

Objective beauty.
(Not in the eyes of the beholder beauty)

Absolute genius
No explanation needed

Pitch perfect in its sharpness



Enjoy Coca Cola (This had me in tears…. I had to re-read the poem because of its sheer emotions)

Circa 2008

The war was over.
The King was dead.

History had been erased;
To be written all over again.

In Delhi…

Maya had just arrived.
An 18 year from Nepal,
Who had fled from her village,
Ravaged by rebels.

She had to traffic herself:

Sex for food.
Sex for shelter
Sex for survival…


Capturing human emotions with soulful poetic proses, these short stories will enchant you and hold you in its emotional throes.

My Rating: 5/5 stars


The Legacy of Nothing by Manoj Pandey | Book Review

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About the Author

Manoj Pandey

Manoj Pandey

Manoj Pandey is a writer/illustrator. His works have appeared in Creative Review, The Huffington Post, Litro London, The Indian Express, New Welsh Review, University of Oklahoma’s World Literature Today and Twitter blog, among others. In 2014, he was named one of the ‘200 Best Illustrators in the world’ by Lurzer’s Archive.


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