The Hushed Voice of Mental health
The Hushed Voice of Mental health

The Hushed Voice of Mental health

Depression; Autism; Schizophrenia; Clinical Anxiety etc. If any of these names happen to come in any civilized conversation across the country, people tend to shift uncomfortably in their seats, their countenances develop an uneasy composure and very quickly they masquerade their way out of the conversation. In rural areas, if a person talks of depression or anxiety, it is callously ruled off as black magic or she/he is termed as a lunatic and her or his talks are dismissed as self-indulgent twaddle and loads of other hogwash. In urban areas, it is laid off as caused by stressful work hours or daily commute traffic. To every problem pertaining to any kind of mental disorder, alcohol/drugs/partying is the solution for many young impressionable minds. For a decent person belonging to a well-off family, holidaying is the way out. These things may reduce stress up to a certain level but can’t be considered as the solution. For instance, a person left bereft due to loss of a loved one cannot feel joyous for a long time; there’s a void left in them that can’t be filled quickly.  On many occasions when the disorders aren’t given proper attention, people develop suicidal thoughts. People who have seen Netflix’s eponymous original series ‘13 reasons why’ know exactly what I’m talking about. People who end their lives do not wish to do so, When all doors are closed and no one is willing to hear their pleas out, that is when they take the aforementioned step. A person beset with negative and gloomy thoughts is bound to snap one day. The unfortunate day when his/her family sees him/her lying in a pool of blood or tied to a rope to the ceiling fan.

A big feat that WHO accomplished in 2016 was to name Depression and an illness, and just a ‘phase’.

A person suffering from depression may smile on the outside, but the real battle is going on inside.

The theme of WHO in 2016 was depression. #LETSTALKDEPRESSION was trending all over the world on Twitter and Instagram. But even if the people are willing to talk, is the world ready to listen?

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