The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley | Most Suspenseful Book of 2019
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This book is the most suspenseful book you’ll read in 2019!

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The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

What happens when a group of eleven thirty-something friends, some of them carrying dark secrets of their own, decides to celebrate their New Year in a most isolated and rugged part of Scottish Highlands?

This deliciously ‘Whodunit’ mystery begins with a murder.

Opening Lines: I see a man coming through the falling snow.

Page Counts: 400 pages

Publisher: HarperCollins

Publication Date: February 15th, 2019

The innocent trip of friends becomes heavy with drinks, resentments and dark secrets as they get stuck in the lodge due to a heavy snowstorm.

One of them is found dead! And one of them is the murderer.

Foley’s The Hunting Party is a taut, suspenseful whodunit with many shades of people and emotions layering each other with twists and turns to baffle me and keeping me on the edge until the end. The unraveling of the murdered and the murderer and other characters was a genuine surprise and shock. I was left guessing “Whodunnit” until the very end of the book.

This delectable ‘Whodunit’ mystery unfolds on its very intensified pace. Every layer unraveling and shocking the readers with its secrets. Kudos to Foley. She knows how to keep her readers on the very edge of their nerves. This is the first book I’ve read from Lucy Foley. While I’ve heard nothing but fabulous reviews for her previous books. This book turned out to be a thrilling ride into Foley’s world I simply adored Lucy Foley’s writing style. She carved her book ‘The Hunting party’ with human’s darkest nebulous nature for the sheer enjoyment of readers.

Told from multiple POVs, the ‘Whodunit’ mystery has a very compelling narrative, exploring human minds in a way only Foley can do. With a dual timeline, the story goes back and forth to pre and post-murder time. Every character in the ‘The Hunting Party’ surprises its reader. The unraveling of their secret is a punch to your guts. I had no freaking clue what was going to happen in the very next chapter and, and the ending definitely was very unexpected.

The suspense of it was killing me every time I closed the book shut for the day. Ultimately, the reason to read this compelling and hypnotic novel is Foley’s expert dissection of friendships and their hidden emotions. I can gladly say that this book is the most suspenseful book you’ll read in 2019. It has every element of a Whodunit mystery: Rivalries, Jealousy, Obsession, deceit and a thrilling murder to keep you glued its dark story… Foley’s Hunting Party has earned 5 stars for its thrilling ‘Whodunnit’ storyline A definite buy, I say. Trust me you won’t regret it.

My Rating: 5/5 stars


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About the Author

Photo of Lucy Foley, the Author of The Hunting Party

Lucy Foley

I live in London, but love traveling – both in real life and on the page (hence the appearance of some far-flung locations in my writing). 

My latest novel is The Invitation – set in the film world of the 1950s, along the Italian Riviera.

My debut novel, The Book of Lost & Found, published in early 2015.

You can find my Facebook page here: and follow me on Twitter as @lucyfoleytweets 

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