The History Wars by Stuart Blackburn | A fast-paced thriller | Book Review
The History Wars by Stuart Blackburn | Book Review

The History Wars by Stuart Blackburn

Book Review of ‘The History Wars’ by Stuart Blackburn 

Set during Ayodhya Mosque demolition, Stuart Blackburn’s ‘The History Wars’ is a thriller steeped in the essence of History and wee bit Romance.

Author Blackburn weaves the story around the Demolition of Ayodhya Mosque and 4000 years old Indus Valley seals. The author did a very fine job of amalgamating two very different topics in this fast-paced book.

Opening Lines: They had been gathering for weeks. Coming in the cold of winter, they slept in tents, cooked over open fires and bathed in the nearby river.

Publication Date: January 3rd, 2019

Peggy, who is a research analyst from New York is in India for research of History of Indian Terracotta. While researching in dark dingy room in Delhi Museum, she finds mysterious seals, possibly thousands of years old.

Ravi a journalist, who starts to investigate the government’s role in Ayodhya Demolition.

They both meet at a History Seminar, and thus starts their journey into a labyrinth of History which is full of dangers on every turn.

Will Ravi and Peggy be able to unravel the mystery?


My thoughts on the book

Stuart’s ‘The History Wars‘ turned out to be a very fascinating read. As I being a History fan, this was a book that I really enjoyed till the end.

The book has everything a gripping tale should have:

1. Good characters: I really liked the way Author penned his characters, very subtle and distinct in personality.

2. Storyline: A tale which could have been confusing if not for the Author’s penmanship and thorough research. Though a fiction, ‘The History Wars‘ has backed some interesting facts. The story keeps you in its grip till the last page, though the last few pages were a tad bit slow for my liking.

3. The narration is very smooth and subtle on readers senses… The author knows how to enthrall its readers with the storytelling.


Do I recommend this book?

Yes, the book ‘The History Wars‘ by Stuart Blackburn is a fast-paced thriller. It’s a perfect companion for cozy reading in winters. And the added bonus is the whole book has a very 90s feeling.

My Rating: 3/5 stars


Book Review of The History Wars by Stuart Blackburn 

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About the Author

Stuart Blackburn, the author of 'The History Wars'

Stuart Blackburn

Stuart Blackburn first traveled to India in 1970 as a Peace Corps volunteer. He received his Ph.D. from Berkeley in 1980 and taught at SOAS in London for many years, with visiting professorships at Heidelberg, Berlin and back at Berkeley. He is the author or editor of more than a dozen books on oral tradition, culture, and literature, mainly in South India but also in Northeast India, where Into the Hidden Valley is set. His first novel, Murder in Melur, was published in 2014. He lives with his wife in Brighton, England.


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