The Hidden Truth by Biswajit Patnaik | Spine-Chilling Crime Thrillers
The Hidden Truth: A Collection of Spine-chilling Crime Thrillers by Biswajit Patnaik book lying on bed

A collection of spine-chilling Crime Thrillers by Biswajit Patnaik

Book Review of
The Hidden Truth by Biswajit Patnaik

Me being a big fan of crime fiction, I devour them in no time. So when the opportunity came for me to review this book ‘The Hidden Truth by Biswajit Patnaik’, I instantly said yes and read it in no time.

Opening Lines: “May her soul rest in peace.”

Publisher: Biswajit Patnaik

Publication Date: March 3rd, 2019

The Hidden Truth is a collection of four spine chilling short stories. The book is hardly 165 odd pages, so reading it in a jiffy was no problem for me.

The four crime stories in it are pretty good, BUT (and it’s a big but) the problem is the execution of these stories. The tales lacked details. And details are a very important part of a good crime thriller. Either they make the book or break them. The stories kind of felt like rough sketches of something good, but the artist kind of left it at there.

The narrative is patchy but the language is easy to understand. The author has done a good job of defining the characters well. Eccentrics and easy to connect with.

I wouldn’t say that the stories are bad. In fact, they are quite an interesting mix of suspense, Drama, murder, and mystery.

My Rating: 3/5 stars


The Hidden Truth by Biswajit Patnaik - Book Cover

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And that was our review of The Hidden Truth: A Collection of Spine-chilling Crime Thrillers by Biswajit Patnaik. Hope you liked it but if you didn’t, then do let us know the reason why in the comments so that we can work on it and make things better.

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