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The quest of Three Archers – The Gurukul Chronicles

‘The Gurukul Chronicles’ by Radhika Meganathan aka Smara is a book, which is in your mind long after you have done the reading or you keep on discussing it with your friends or whoever wants to talk book with you at that moment. This is not at all the retelling of the Mythological Characters. This is a tale re-imagined and presented in a more humane way.

Publication Date: July 2017

Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications

Page Count: 169 pages

Opening Sentence: “As soon as the man entered the palace, he noticed the ceiling.”

Divided into three parts, each part narrates the story of Eklavya, Karna and Ashwathama, the three not so talked about characters of Mahabharata. The book is told in the first person, the story tells us of the rebels of the ancient times, who chose to create their own path. Being a coming of age story, the Author has sensitively portrayed the emotions, the three characters go through… Eka’s desire to master the art of Archery in Drona’s Gurukul against his parent’s wishes. Aswa’s angst against his father, and the betrayal he feels. Radheya’s desire to be more than a charioteer and to find out more about himself. All three sets out on their path of re-discovery and making a mark in the world.

Author has written the book beautifully and the language is very easy. The amalgamation of stories of the three different characters is smooth and to the point, no tarrying or dragging. The Gurukul Chronicles by Smara is very fast paced, I flew through the story in time!. The best thing about the book is its characters, however small or big role they have in the book, they will leave an emotional mark on you. The Gurukul Chronicles by Smara is book 1 in many to come…


Radhika Meganathan aka Smara is a very light read. Engaging the readers till the last page. If you have just entered into the foray of reading, then this book a is a perfect read for you. Readers of all genre and age would really enjoy the book.

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Rating: 3.5/5

About the Author
from Goodreads

Radhika Meganathan

Radhika Meganathan, who writes mythology under the pen name ‘Smara’, is an award-winning children’s / young-adult writer based in Chennai. She is the author of Village Fair (Tulika) and the Golden Mythology picture book series (Seasons Publishing). The Gurukul Chronicles, her first novel-length work, is one of the prize winners of the manuscript contest held at Pune International Literary Festival 2016.

Radhika is an ardent advocate of the workshop model for writers and frequently conducts writing programs and literary retreats in Chennai and abroad. She also moderates several writers’ groups and online writing challenges. She loves hearing from her readers and can be contacted at her twitter handle @IamSmara

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