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The Full Circle by Namrata Gupta

A tale of Love, Trust and, Deception – The Full Circle

The Full Circle
by Namrata Gupta

In recent times I have been reading and reviewing a lot of Romance Fiction and The Full Circle by Namrata Gupta comes in that category. Though it has a bit of mystery in it. The book is an easy read, it hardly takes 2 to 3 hrs. to finish this book. A perfect book if you’re a new reader.

The Full Circle is my second book from the Author Namrata Gupta. Her writing style has improved very much. We can see Author Namrata’s love for traveling in this book. Author’s description of the place is so beautiful that you could not help but be Aditya’s traveling companion throughout the book.

This a tale of Love, Trust, and Deception. The beginning of the book sets you up in a wonderful mood for a journey into the depth of the story.

This is a story of Aaditya and Zinnia. Aaditya is a traveler at heart and soul. He loves to explore places, meet new people and whenever the need arises he helps them. learning languages and art forms and collecting Memorabilia is his way to connect with the culture of that place. On his next expedition, Aditya goes to Darjeeling and stays there as a Paying Guest in Zinnia’s House.

Zinnia, on the other hand, is the total opposite of Aditya. She hates traveling and travelers for reasons unknown. She is calm and a Mom’s daughter in every sense. The more Aditya comes to know about Zinnia, the more he is drawn to her. But something is amiss between Zinnia and her mother’s relationship and Aditya is hell-bent on finding the reason.

The characters in the book are many but they don’t overwhelm the story. Each character is woven smoothly into the story.

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About Namrata Gupta (Author)

Namrata Gupta has a master’s degree in management from LBSIM, Delhi. A literature graduate from Hans Raj College, she writes content for websites and blogs regularly and wants to make an immutable influence on the minds of the readers through her writing. She loves traveling and exploring new things. The Full Circle of life is her second book.

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