The Four Pillars: A Game of Love by USHASREE V | Book Review
Book review of The Four Pillars A Game of Love by USHASREE V - Young adult books

A book set in 90s that showcases what life in college is!

Book Review of
The Four Pillars: A Game of Love by USHASREE V

I usually avoid reading YA, as they tend to run on the same storyline. And when Author Usha approached me to review her book I was pretty apprehensive. But my apprehensions were for naught.

Opening Lines: It felt strange standing at the gate of the house.

Page Counts: 146 pages

Publisher: Kindle

Publication Date: February 7th, 2019

The real transformation you go through is when you enter your college years, everything comes into focus, your relationships, your priorities, your love life, in short, everything that defines you. In her first novel, ‘The Four Pillars: A Game of Love, Author Ushashri captures that very essence of youth.

Set in in the 90s, the young adult fiction ‘The Four Pillars: A Game of Love’ is a debut Novel of Ushashri. This book kind of gives you positive vibes, everything is so 90ish, the innocence of years gone by.

The story revolves around the protagonist Bhoomi, as she enters a new world, dramatic events start to unfold: Love, heartbreak, tragedies, etc. Through these experiences, she slowly comes out of a cocoon and discovers herself.

‘The Four Pillars: A Game of Love’ has everything a good book should have: a pacy coming of age story, Love triangle or I must a Love confusion, misunderstandings and everything that makes us human.

The narrative is very engaging and with simple and crisp writing. The author has fantastically weaved the characters into the story with no loose ends.

The characters are so realistically set, that the connection you establish with them is instant and on a more human level.

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The beauty of the book is that it showcases what life in a college is. The only thing that put me off was its end. It was kind of rushed and abrupt. A few more pages and it could have been a 5 star read.

My Rating: 4/5 stars


Book Review of The Four Pillars: A Game of Love by USHASREE V

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