The Epic of Kautilya: Born To Be King by Deepak Thomas - Book Review
The Epic of Kautilya: Born To Be King by Deepak Thomas | Book Review

The Epic of Kautilya: Born To Be King by Deepak Thomas

Book Review of ‘The Epic of Kautilya: Born To Be King by Deepak Thomas’


What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve victory?

Born of a sacrifice to the gods, Princess Kautilya is the only daughter of the greatest warrior of Bharat. While her brothers were blessed with the traits of eagles, falcons, and hawks, she was imbued with the qualities of a parrot. Her brothers achieve renown across the empire…while she’s ridiculed and shunned.

Kautilya’s life flips upside down, however, when her family is betrayed. Now, in order to restore her father’s legacy—and claim the throne—she must organize the greatest rebellion her nation has ever seen. But the enemy is always one step ahead, willing to go to any lengths to win. And her only allies are a group of misfits, plus a paltry army hidden in the forests.

Will Kautilya regain the throne and have vengeance? Or is her burgeoning resistance doomed to fail?

If you enjoyed The Immortals of Meluha and The Palace of Illusions, then dive into this fantasy adventure with: a mythical world; relatable characters; and heavy doses of magic, romance, battles, and betrayals.

Opening Lines: The Great Celestial War was waged many moons ago.

Page Count: 368 pages

Publisher: Kindle

Publication Date: February 1st, 2019


My Thoughts


It is extremely well written and the flow is seamless making the read unputdownable. The language is simple and the book is edited well.


Well, to me it was a mix of Mahabharatha, Lord of the rings, Game of Thrones, and Alice in Wonderland with a good dose of Mythology thrown in for the effect. All the components were mixed well in a blender spewing out a story that was both ridiculous and childish.

What worked for me

The writing worked well for me. I kept going as it was extremely well written and followed all the norms of writing fiction.

The female protagonist and her lack of ambition were projected well. Also, the rebel chief being a female worked quite well in integrating the plot.

Characters were well developed and rounded.

The tiny backstories were charming. I enjoyed them more than the actual story.

What didn’t work for me

The plot didn’t work for me as all the twists were predictable. Also, you name it and you have it in the plot (bears, apes, wooden-faced Yama, Yakshinis, Demi-gods, Rakshasas et all). Quite the plate full, won’t you say?

What purpose do these characters serve? I do not know. It was a bad hotchpotch of things thrown into the plot. It felt like the author was trying very hard to either mimic the renowned writers of the genre or was trying to prove that he could write better than them. I must say, he fared poorly on both points.

And since this is the first part of the series, I hope he stops adding new characters and develops the conflict between the different groups more.

All in all an average read.

My Rating: 3/5 stars


The Epic of Kautilya: Born To Be King by Deepak Thomas | Book Review

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Deepak Thomas's "The Epic of Kautilya: Born To Be King" - Book Review

Deepak Thomas

Born: Cherthala, Kerala, India


Twitter: @dthomaswrites

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