The Chosen One by Manali Gharat - A Short Suspense Romantic Novel
The Chosen One by Manali Gharat | Book Review by Book Bloggers India - Booxoul

A decent, super quick read with an interesting twist at the end – The Chosen One

Book Review of The Chosen One by Manali Gharat

The Book is about Art Graduate Aditya who is struggling to make his name as a Mentalist.  His off-beat chosen line seems to have no real takers for gigs with even websites listing him under Magicians since no one really knows about Mentalists.

Opening Lines: “When is he not angry? Even my friends call him Angry Appa.”

Page Count: 98 pages

Publisher: Notion Press

Publication Date: November 13th, 2018

The only one encouraging and supporting Adi’s passion is his ever loving Amma despite total opposition from his perpetually angry Appa who wanted him to follow his Banker footsteps.

All hell breaks loose when Amma discovers that Appa had an affair and he walks out on the Mother-Son duo leaving them to fend for themselves. Overnight Adi finds himself stepping into the shoes of the man of the house and turns to his best friend, Gaurav in a bid to get a job in his company.

When Amma heads out to meet Appa as summoned by him, Adi decides to accompany only to be faced by her death in an unfortunate accident when the F.O.B (Foot Over Bridge) that they were crossing breaks away in the middle.

A distraught Adi finds solace in his friends Gaurav and Sia. Just as he is coping, he finds himself homeless when Anna Jayraj dislodges him and takes over their house to collect his debt from Appa.

Gaurav comes to Adi’s rescue yet again arranging for him to stay at his uncle’s place at a nominal rent.  These tenuous circumstances lead to Adi and Sia’s friendship rapidly advancing to love. Of course, things cannot be all hunky dory as the couple encounter opposition from her parents.

Meanwhile, strange things happen as Adi suddenly starts seeing information bubbles on some people’s head. As he ponders about his weird superpower, they start dying one after another leaving him as the mute spectator.

Does Aditya find a true calling as a Mentalist or does he succumb to his Necessity and find a job to please Sia’s parents and marry her? Read and find out for yourself in this novel that will throw you for a curve.


Recommendation: This short suspense romantic novel though seemingly straightforward packs in a punch towards the end.  The Author has saved the best for the last.  However, it could be a bit of a put off for Grammar Nazis thanks to typos, grammatical and spelling errors.

The Chosen One by Manali Gharat is a decent, super quick read with an interesting twist at the end.

My Rating: 3/5 stars


The Chosen One by Manali Gharat | Book Review

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About the Author

Manali Gharat, the Author of 'The Chosen One' | Book Review

Manali Gharat

Instagram: @manali_writes

Manali Gharat is a Media & Entertainment post graduate from Welingkar’s Institute, Mumbai and is currently working as a Brand Management Executive.  She is a thinker for brands by day and an avid reader by night.  She loves cats, coffee and always carries a book with her wherever she goes.

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