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A beautiful cover is not always a guarantee of a good book and Kuber Kaushik’s book ‘The Children of Destruction’ proved that!

Book Review of
The Children of Destruction by Kuber Kaushik

A beautiful cover is not always a guarantee of a good book and Kuber Kaushik’s book ‘The Children of Destruction’ proved that.

Opening Lines: A rickety wooden gate shook gently in the breeze, dividing the world neatly into what lay beyond and what lay behind.

Page Counts: 304 pages

Publisher: Penguin

Publication Date: March 22nd, 2019

I really wanted to love this book. It had everything a good children’s fantasy book should have. But sadly it failed to impress me. Maybe I had a lot of expectations from it.

Kaushik’s ‘The Children of Destruction’ follows the story of a teenager, who is unaware that she is magical being, that too a mighty impressive one. And moreover, she thinks that she is liked by none in her school, but one girl named Lin.

The essence of the book is all about Magic.

How magic can be destructive and as well it can also be a savior if used wisely.


Why did I say I did not like the book?

For starters, the book had lots of characters, and they all had a complicated backstory. A children’s book should always be an easy read, but this book had lots of stories running parallel to each other.

Despite me being an adult, it was getting very confusing of keeping track of everything that was happening simultaneously.

The only saving grace of the book ‘The Children of Destruction’ was Alice, one of the characters, it’s language and the ending.

Alice, the protagonist-mighty impressed me. She kind of made the whole book fun to read. She is sarcastic, witty, and a person who usually talks to herself. I really loved every chapter of Alice.

Now comes the Language. It was simply beautiful. Smooth and an easy to understand vernacular. I was bowled over by the author’s beautiful language.

And the way the book ended was again good.



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Do I recommend this book?

Well, if you don’t mind keeping track of many characters with its backstories then this book ‘The Children of destruction is definitely for you teenagers. So go for it.

But personally, I found it quite confusing. So no, for the people like me.

My Rating: 3/5 stars


Book Cover of The Children of Destruction by Kuber Kaushik

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