The Casted Minds: A Nation where Purity of Blood Matters by Kishor Kunal | Book Review

The Casted Minds: A Nation where Purity of Blood Matters by Kishor Kunal

One of the oldest systems of societal stratification is the Caste System which uniquely exists only in India. For well over thousands of years, this system has had a vice-like grip on the Indian society and continues to do so for future generations. No wonder then, when young author Kishor Kunal dedicates his first ever writing foray to this system and its repercussions in the lives of the many who follow it.

Opening Lines: I was living the happiest moments of my life-moments that happen only once in life but leave their impression throughout a person’s life.

Page Count: 198 pages

Publisher: Notion Press

Publication Date: November 12th, 2018

The author, all of sixteen, wrote this book to reflect on the rather commonly accepted norms of the caste system that govern the lives of millions of Indians today. A system so rigidly followed that matters of the heart, such as expounded in the book and otherwise, are nonconsequential to the imperviousness of the caste. Two love lost lovers, searching for caste free answers in this book end up losing their path and following the norm for the greater good of the society. What happens after these decisions are taken could provide the foundation for any good commercial Bollywood drama full of recriminations, regret and angst and possibly acceptance at the end.

The author’s attempt to bring out the nuances of the caste system is commendable however the book itself is a bit bizarre with its myriad digressionary tactics and character backstories that go on for a number of pages. Conundrums, dilemma situations – the youthful author has tried to provide a smell of drama through various tactics but fails to grasp the attention of the erudite reader with somewhat laymen grammar and language usage. It almost feels as if the author has translated his thoughts from the vernacular to English as an afterthought.

A book that tests your societal conditioning, it felt a little difficult for the reviewer to get through this book in one sitting. For the young effort of penning down the author’s innermost thoughts, this book gets a 2/5 star rating rating, from this reviewer, for a book that could be just read but may not be assimilated by everyone

My Rating: 2/5 stars


The Casted Minds : A Nation where Purity of Blood Matters by Kishor Kunal | Book Review

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