The Anarchists' Club by Alex Reeve

A fast-paced novel which I highly recommend especially the crime & thriller fanatics

Book Review
The Anarchists’ Club by Alex Reeve

This will sound creepy when I say that I thrive on crime thrillers, especially psycho thrillers. So when I got this book The Anarchists’ Club to review, I was pretty excited and thrilled. Even though the book looked huge and daunting. I nevertheless embarked on a journey with Leo Stanhope as my companion.

Opening Lines: I met Dora Hannigan just once, on a Saturday afternoon in March, when the rain was coming down so hard outside I could barely see across the street.

Page Counts: 384 pages

Publisher: Raven Books

Leo Stanhope was first introduced to us in the book ‘The House on Half Moon Street‘, A Leo Stanhope Case series.
Even though I didn’t read the first book, I was pretty enamored and intrigued by the character of ‘Leo Stanhope in the “The Anarchists’ Club”. The way Author Alex Reeve weaved the character of Leo: emotional, calm, complex and incredible.

Moreover, the protagonist has a fascinating back story, which compels the readers to delve further into the story.
The secret that Leo is carrying around once revealed will destroy him. He probably will be tortured or sent to the asylum. Hence to hide his true identity, Leo treads a fine line. Walking always on the sidelines, merging with shadows. One wrong move and everything will come tumbling down.

And Leo’s secret is that he is a transgender. A man in a woman’s body. And being a transgender in the Victorian Era is dangerous.

I really loved the author’s portrayal of London of 1880s. The characters, the story, the places, and everything are steeped in Victorian times.

The narrative is so absorbing that you’ll be lost in solving Dora Hannigan’s murder mystery and would also want to smooth the wrinkles on Leo’s life.

I am amazed that how the author has penned each and every detail of the murder mystery in such a way that that the readers are compelled to second guess the reasons and motives behind the characters every move. Kudos to such an insightful Author.

Reeve’s The Anarchists’ Club is a very fast-paced novel, which will keep its readers in knots and twist, till the end of the book.

The Anarchists’ Club can be read as a standalone novel. Though after reading this book, I am compelled to read the first book ‘The House on Half Moon Street‘, in ‘Leo Stanhope Case’ series

I will highly recommend this book to one and all. Especially the crime and thriller fanatics.

Rating: 5/5 stars


The Anarchists' Club by Alex Reeve

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Blurb on the book

‘Leo Stanhope is a wonderful creation, his world atmospheric and terrifying, and his own story as powerful and enthralling as the mysteries he investigates’ Sam Blake

The second book in the acclaimed new historical crime series following on from the Richard & Judy Book Club 2019 pick, The House on Half Moon Street.

It’s been a year since Leo Stanhope lost the woman he loved and came closing to losing his own life. Now, more than ever, he is determined to keep his head down and stay safe, without risking those he holds dear. But Leo’s hopes for peace and security are shattered when the police unexpectedly arrives at his lodgings: a woman has been found murdered at a club for anarchists, and Leo’s address is in her purse. When Leo is taken to the club by the police, he is shocked to discover there a man from his past, a man who knows Leo’s birth identity. And if Leo does not provide him with an alibi for the night of the woman’s killing, he is going to share this information with the authorities.

If Leo’s true identity is unmasked, he will be thrown into an asylum, but if he lies… will he be protecting a murderer?

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Book Review: The Anarchists’ Club by Alex Reeve ☝️


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The Anarchists' Club by Alex Reeve
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