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So you want to know about ECONOMICS by Roopa Pai

A friend of mine suggested me to read ‘So you want to know about Economics’ by Roopa Pai and said, “Kill me if you won’t like it!”. So I did take it seriously and bought the book from Amazon.


At 3:15 pm, I got the book delivered (Many of you might be wondering that how do you remember the time and my answer to it would be that I write a journal (It doesn’t make sense, does it?)).

I was working that day and thus didn’t get a chance to read it.


At 10:30 pm, I started reading the book.

At 12:45 am, I finished it!


Just kidding!

Publication Date: February 1st, 2017

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Page Counts: 158 pages

Opening Sentence: Let’s begin with a quick flashback to 2 million years ago, when the first human (or maybe she was the fifty-ninth) walked jauntily out of her cave, swinging a stick she had just found.

For those of you who might be wondering, “Why should I read about ‘ECONOMICS’? I don’t have any interest in it!”. Well, this would be the first answer that you’re gonna get off this book.

For now, I can just say that Economics is important because it is really the study of how the world thinks and works! See, economists are really psychologists in disguise-they have looked into the deepest, darkest recesses of the human heart and discovered that all of us are essentially selfish beings at the core.

This book has all the ingredients that are enough to dazzle you.

  • Graphics (Well, we have to make Economics fun, ain’t we?)
  • Not a lot of number of pages (158 only)
  • Answers of the questions likes:
    1. We have millions of really poor people in our country. Why doesn’t the government simply print more money so that everyone has some?
    2. How come my parents never ate a Maharaja Mac in India when they were my age?
    3. How come one Indian rupee is only worth about 1.4 US cents? Who’s the guy who decides this stuff?
    4. And a lot like these!
  • It makes you understand those difficult Economic terms like fiscal deficit, CPI, PPP GDP, price inelastic, Bandwagon effect, Snob effect and a lot more!

This is easy to read. I mean you can give this book to a 15-year-old, and he won’t complain! (It’s that easy to read) Also, the way the author has written the book, trust me it was never that fun to read Economics.

At last, I would say that it’s a must-read and it is amongst those few books that will make you smarter! 😉

My Rating: 9/10 stars

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