Sniper's Eye by Mainak Dhar | Book Review
Sniper's Eye by Mainak Dhar

A thriller through and through – Sniper’s Eye

Sniper’s Eye
by Mainak Dhar

Lately, the books I was getting for review were same with no unique storyline to it, Romance, Chick-lit romance. Phew!!!! Imagine reading the same genre over and over again! Then came a twist in my monotonous existence. ‘SNIPER’S Eye’ by Mainak Dhar. I knew I was in a treat from the first line of the book

“You figure your movie date won’t end well when the man in front of you gets shot.”

AH!!! One of the best first lines I’ve read in a long, long time.

So the book begins when the protagonist Aditya Ghosh is on a Movie date with his girlfriend Zoya, unaware that within a few seconds all hell will break loose. A single shot will change the course of his life or rather bring back the past, he thought was buried deep.

The narration is smooth flowing, thrilling you with easy language with its flawless grammar. The pace varied according to the storyline giving a perfect balance to the story. Every character had an important role to play. They were more real to us than fictitious. Characters like Aman Karzai, Phadke and Zoya honed the story.

‘SNIPER’S Eye’ by Mainak Dhar is a thriller in the true sense and total page turner, keeping you in its steel grip. Masterfully playing with the senses of the readers. You get so engrossed that you have to remind yourself to breathe every now and then. The book has so many layers of twist and turns that guessing becomes impossible.

A total eye-opener, this book gives you insight into the political tensions between India and Pakistan and the role today’s media plays in our life is really saddening, instead of giving us a clear picture, it gives us a garbled version of the story for its own gain, marring our perception. Though a fiction it holds a ring of truth.

The Author has done a really good job of researching before putting the book together. Kudos to the Author. I absolutely enjoyed The book Sniper’s Eye. And now it seems I am kind of hooked to the books related to Indo-Pak conflicts, All thanks to the Author Mainak Dhar.

Sniper’s Eye is book 1 of the 7even series book. I hope the other 6 books turns out to be as good as this one. This book tops my list of the Best books of 2018 so far… A must must read for everyone.

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About the Author

Author of many Bestsellers in India as well as Abroad, including the bestselling Alice in Deadland and 03:02. His books have been translated into global languages, reaching millions of readers worldwide. Mainak Dhar is an alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad and has spent more than two decades in the corporate sector.

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