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Silver Hair Sins
by Saumick Pal

The present scenario of computer and machine gadgets addiction compels us to think that AI can overpower us as well as our IQ and EQ. Just thinking about it makes you shiver!!! Right?

Silver Hair Sins by Saumick PalSilver Hair Sins by Saumick Pal is one of the first Visual-Science-Fiction as well as a Crime thriller in India with the greater part of the book described by cinematized photos. This treat to the eyes portrays the AI coming to the rescue of humans when everything else fails. In this book AI highly influences the human psyche to a considerable extent and dimensions.

The book revolves around the hypothetical theme that the human brain invented the inferior model of men in order to utilize that invention for their own benefit. But human beings overlooked the harsh reality that this inferior model can become ultra-superior and guide human motion as well as tendencies in a negative way.

Saumick’s ‘Silver Hair Sins’ is set in the future, when caste, creed, and religion comes to its peak of the tipping point, and technology comes to the rescue. The crucial question is whether artificially intelligent society would require religion as they can’t succumb to their own creation as a god? And this book answers this question beautifully.

This Graphic dystopian takes you on a spine thrilling ride to the AI-controlled human mind and the consequences. The concept of the story was quite unique and executed well, I was really hooked to this Sci-fi thriller till the end.

The author’s narrative is smooth without hiccups. My understanding of the book is that the characters in the book were as such that I could relate to their fear and insecurities in the journey of the AI world. This book is an apt recommendation for SCI-FI fans. The book ‘Silver Hair Sins’ has remarkably acted as a blend of Science fiction, emotions, human psychology, religion as well as has also meticulously touched the aspects of philosophy.

I strongly suggest that the author has a great idea and concept portrayed in this piece of literature, but it could have been more fun to read if the book had been edited well and a little bit longer.

For me, it’s a 3 out of 5 stars read.

Check the book out on Amazon or Flipkart.

Neelam Sharma
Silver Hair Sins by Saumick Pal

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Neelam Sharma

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