Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic by Chitrangada Mukherjee
Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic: (Um . . . and a closet alcoholic) by Chitrangada Mukherjee

Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic: (Um . . . and a closet alcoholic) by Chitrangada Mukherjee

I am a very happy person after reading Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic by Chitrangada Mukherjee. I enjoyed it so much because it was so funny, it was interesting, gripping and I wanted to finish it in a single shot, but couldn’t because of work.

Opening Sentence: 11 am: It’s been a month.

Page Count: 280

Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

Publication Date: September 1st, 2018

This book is in a Diary form, each new day starts with a chapter. The story deals with a 30 years old woman Madhu AKA Madhubala and an utterly romantic woman, who recently lost her husband of one year in an accident. And to evade her pain, she drowns herself in Wine and Vodka, and that she does with a finesse.

“It’s been a month. Of hiding. Avoiding. Despairing… With intermittent suicidal tendencies…”

She lives with her Mother-in-Law, whose name however much she tries she could not remember. Madhubala is an Independent woman, who teaches Social Studies in a school.

To make her life more complicated than it is, she falls in love with her 4 years younger colleague in school, Daksh. Only to realize it later that he is already engaged to be married. But Madhu being the quirky and funny girl takes it all in her stride.

This book is deadly. You have to read it in some secluded place so you can laugh without being hampered. This woman is a hoot, let me tell you. She’s hilariously and completely outrageous.

The book ‘Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic by Chitrangada Mukherjee’ has a whimsical narration. The book is a funny, daft one, with enough winning charm to stop you from hating yourself for laughing at its many jokes. Very fluff and breezy read, which we all need to lighten our mood from time to time.

The author really did a good job of carving the characters, her school colleagues, the parents, and my favorite Lalitaji. Though I really disliked a few characters close to the protagonist’s life.

I really loved the way Madhu describes the characters, hilarious!!!

I practically sighed with exasperation over her choices of men. And also disliked the extremely modern take on some parts of the story.

I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but it wasn’t anything major. I just had a different vision of how the story might have ended. But otherwise, I thought it was hilarious. All in all, this is a highly recommended, tickle your funny bone kind of book.

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic

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About the Author

Chitrangada Mukherjee

Chitrangada Mukherjee

Chitrangada Mukherjee was born and raised in the scenic north-eastern state of Tripura. She post graduated in History from the Presidency College in Kolkata, a city which made her a thinker. A love affair resulting in marriage brought her to the south of India, where she worked as a tele-caller, teacher, news reader, soft skills trainer, quiz show hostess, and content writer. Five years ago she decided to leave her cushy IT job and embrace motherhood. While at home, she started to introspect about her true calling. She found it in writing. Apart from writing and reading, she loves listening to music on her headphones, grass walking, and gazing at the ocean. Chennai is her home now, where she lives with her seven-year-old daughter and husband. Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic is her second novel.

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Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic: (Um . . . and a closet alcoholic) by Chitrangada Mukherjee
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