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Rafina: A Novella by Shandana Minhas

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Review of Rafina: A Novella by Shandana Minhas

Rafina is a story of Rafina who is an ambitious young girl living in a 2 room police quarter on the 3rd floor of service compound in Karachi, Pakistan. From the vantage of her room’s window, she can see a billboard with a model’s face on that and she has a dream of being on that billboard some day.

The headlights from the cars that fed the road, illuminated her bedroom walls at night & made it easier to pretend the room was a stage. With the hope that someday a man in a big car will spot her at the window & would be delighted by her beauty, comes Deputy Superintendent to tell that her father was dead. And that’s when this whole journey starts.

Rafina’s mother, Naz started working at a garment factory which was harming her health and thus Rafina decided that she will work from now.

She started working with her Rosie Khala (Aunt), who works at a beauty parlor and does all kind of stuff like waxing, threading etc. as an apprentice.

What she wanted was to rise above it all, and loom over the world like the woman in the billboard.

When I first received this book, (first of all, I loved the cover) and read the synopsis, I thought ‘Ok, so this book is about a girl chasing her dreams‘ but trust me other than some few pages of starting and ending, the whole book is about waxing, threading, manicure and all other beauty stuff and tea.

If you want to read how she became what she wants to be, then read the last 3 pages!

In spite of being a short read of 163 pages, neither it entertains you nor it makes you wiser. Though it can be your lethargic noon read.

I would’ve loved the book if the ending would be different or if the book is a bit lengthier to relate all things because when you read the book and you’re at the sake of finishing it, you’ll feel like that after 160 pages, Shandana has written only because she has to complete the book!

My Rating: 2/5 stars


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