Profane by Satyajit Sarna
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When, poetry becomes a sigh of buried emotions – The Profane

You know you have a keeper the moment you lay your eyes on the book cover, it speaks to you in a thousand little ways. A little book of wondrous surprises is ‘The Profane’. Satyajit Sarna’s The Profane has 102 poems, from which I loved many, but a few of many adorned a special place in my heart; Let me tell you about Delhi, Patience, and Kaleja are a few of them.

Publication Date: September 25th, 2018

Publisher: Harper Collins India

Page Count: 116 pages

Opening Sentence: I’ve read this – that plants emit light.

How long will you read
from a single book of prayer?
And then which one is holier,
The scripture or your eye?

How long will you serve
that single wretched master?
And then which one is heavier,
the burden or your sigh?

In ‘The Profane’, Author Sarna has written poems that span the myriads of emotions a human goes through his entire life. To see his assemblage of work is simply astounding. He writes about love, loss, and loneliness in very humane and personal level, but he also has given readers reflections on the melancholy and life of ever developing us. Let me tell you about Delhi, Patience and Kaleja moved me on a very deep level.

The author lays his hands on the pulse of the thing and gives you fodder for thought. The unfamiliar, the familiar, loneliness, poverty, regret, sadness and joy, giving them all the respect.

Satyajit has an extraordinary relationship with words. The poems in The Profane vary in form and emotions. Satyajit’s poems play with language in wry ways that make one smile, some contain an entire world in them, others transform words into images that stare back at the reader.

You have to be a true lover of words to understand the shock of emotions it throws at you. The subtle sensuality of poems gives you sheen of satisfaction. Trust me you’ll want this one on your bookshelf.

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