Parting of the Strangers by Sattam Dasgupta

Parting of the Strangers by Sattam Dasgupta

‘Parting of the Strangers’ is a debut novel from the author Sattam Dasgupta. It’s a collection of 16 short stories based on the experiences of the life of common people. The stories are based in contemporary urban settings like Kolkata and Bangalore.

Opening Lines: Akansha and I sat facing each other. It was an elegant restaurant offering just the right setting and service for a fine dining experience.

Page Count: 146 pages

Publisher: Partridge Publishing India

Publication Date: September 17th, 2018

The stories cover a wide range of themes ranging from marriage, family, cultural identity, social class, past, dreams, and hopes about the future, communication etc.

For a debut Author, Sattam Dasgupta does a very good job of penning a collection of short stories. Written in the most impressive way, most of the stories have the kind of ‘endings’ that throws a curveball at you., which makes stories as they are surreal, happening around you, to the world that you live by every day.

The Author engages the readers with beautiful narration and simple yet subtle language. The emotions are not directly expressed but they are meant to be felt and interpreted from the writing itself. What I loved about this book is that the characters are flawed and their emotions and experiences are portrayed very realistically. Each story is unique and revolves around the life of ordinary people.

The stories are vivid sometimes melancholic. They left a huge impact on me and in some, I had tears in my eyes. Words were like colors on canvas which formed a painting to relish human emotions, they appear so sharp and transparent and fragility of characteristics is realistic and not overdone. While it is so difficult to pick your favorite story, there was something just that bit cutting-edge about like ‘Fifty feet of nothing’, ‘Receding Shoreline’, ‘Parting of the strangers’, ‘The Last Hurrah’, ‘The Teacher Never Retires’ and many more such stories left me speechless.

I wouldn’t recommend that you read it in snatches. Won’t take you more than a few hours, but what it will leave you with will be immense. This book is for all who love reading.

I enjoyed reading all of them and it sure finds a place on my book-shelf.

Parting of the Strangers by Sattam Dasgupta

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My Rating:4/5 stars


About the Author

Sattam Dasgupta

Sattam Dasgupta

Born: Kolkata, India

Twitter: @SattamDasgupta



Sattam Dasgupta is an engineer and an entrepreneur whose career spans across chip design and software. To date, he has been awarded five patents for his ideas. Sattam’s unwavering passion is people – the most complex of all problems and most fascinating of all opportunities. Growing up in Kolkata in one of the most turbulent and violent periods of the city’s history; witnessing the best and worst in people, played a compelling role in shaping his interest in human dynamics – especially, the changing ethos with time and circumstances.

Sattam loves curiosity, wit, debates, technology, and Tibetan mastiffs.


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Parting of the Strangers by Sattam Dasgupta
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