Pandey Ji ki Maggi
The one without butter is mine! #ondiet

Pandey Ji ki Maggi

“I used to think that the years would go by in order that you get older one year at a time but it’s not like that. It happens overnight.” – Haruki Murakami

While coming from Haldwani towards the hills aka Nainital or Bhimtal, take a right towards the Bhimtal Road

Take Right for Bhimtal

And in just a few minutes you’ll reach Pandey Ji’s Maggi Point:

Maggi Point - Kathgodam
Pandey Ji’s Maggi Point

I still remember that it was the month of December and it was F###### cold then, and to top it off it was raining Cats and Dogs.

I had been to Maggi Points before, but not this one. We (that’s me and my friends, Amit, Shubham, and Nikhil) were supposed to go to Bhimtal but to save ourselves from getting wet, we went to Pandey Ji’s instead.

Most beautiful things or moments of your life are not the planned ones, but the ones that happen by themselves.

Pandey Ji’s Maggi point isn’t like some lavish Cafe or Restaurant but I felt a connection the instant I entered.

Pandey Ji’s Maggi point (Arghh the name is too long, I will write P.J.M.P instead)…

So, P.J.M.P has 2 entrances for 2 types of diners (well, the one who eats at a Restaurant):

  1. Those who come here with their partners or family or friends and doesn’t smoke or basically are not stoners.
  2. Those who come here with their friends and are stoners.

The 1st category takes the main entrance and sits there and enjoys their hot Maggi, and the 2nd category takes stairs and go on the 1st floor, to do whatever they want in the open air.

We are the not mentioned Third category, we don’t smoke and are definitely not stoners, but we go to the upper floor just like the 2nd category because we love to eat and have conversations without any restrictions and in the open air. They don’t judge you when you say “Bhai… mere paas Rs. 40 hai bass toh ek hi Maggi se dono kha lenge”, or give you condescending looks if you laugh out loud or talk nonsense loudly with your friends..

It’s just that the upper floor is filled up of these super cool peoples who don’t give an F**** to who you are or what you say or how you say it or how do you look like. They have their own life! Period.

Maggi Point - Rate Chart

So, I don’t know whether it was the Maggi or the rain that made me fall in love with P.J.M.P but it really is amazing. If you’re thinking of coming to Nainital or Haldwani, then do go there and try the Maggi. Maybe you’ll fall in love with this place too 😉

Pandey Ji
Pandey Ji

P.S. Pandey Ji haven’t paid me for this 😛

Maggi Finish
***THE END***



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