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Only One Woman by Christina Jones and Jane Risdon

Only One Woman – beholds the story of three characters, whose lives & emotions get intertwined with one another, inadvertently. It’s a time portal, bringing nostalgic glimpses from the late 60’s – LP records, stereogram, 45rpm, phone boxes, kitten heels, rock shows & the Graham Bonnet hit song ‘Only One Woman’ (on which the name of the book is based on), are just a name a few!!

Renza – A 16-year-old girl with blonde hair & endless legs, living with her ‘Attila-the-Hun’ mom & five siblings (Simon, Sophia, Jasper, Lucy & Crispin) in England. Her Dad is posted in Germany, where they shift to eventually. Having completed her school, she aspires to pursue A-levels & then college to become a journalist. However, her authoritarian mom had some other plans for her future. She made it clear that, when moved to Germany, Renza was required to take care of the kids & that they wouldn’t allow her to opt for boarding in case there were no senior schools closer to their Germany home.

Nevertheless, Renza’s life takes a turn when the prince in the shining armor enters her life & she is swooped off her feet. She falls for Scott, one of the vocalists from a local pop music group called Narnia’s Children! Suddenly her life becomes all super mushy & rosy. But as they say, all good things must come to an end & Renza, finally moves to Germany.

The book narrates Renza’s endeavor to retain a long-distance relationship through love letters & phone calls, amidst the apprehension of still being the only one woman in Scott’s life.

Scott – An 18-year-old 6’-tall drop-dead gorgeous guy with turquoise blue eyes, coming from a dysfunctional family, falls in love at first sight with his next-door neighbor, a teenage, blond beauty – Renza. Soon, he proposes Renza for marriage & is left heartbroken when she moves to Germany to her dad’s, for good.

Staying with his best friends, who are also the members of the same pop group called Narnia’s Children, Scott pursues his passion for music & performs gigs after gigs all over England & in Germany. And during one such gig performance in St. Barnabus, he meets Stella & loses his heart to her instantaneously.

The book unfolds Scott’s immature indecisiveness towards two women, who love him the most.

Stella – A girl in her early twenties, recovering from a major surgery, develops a crush for the most beautiful boy (Scott) from the pop group Narnia’s Children when attending the band’s gig at St. Barnabus. Scott brings a new meaning to her vanishing life & lets herself to fall in love with Scott in spite of knowing that he is engaged. The insecurity never discouraged Stella to express her undying love for Scott which was reciprocated as well. Stella was sure that as long as Scott was with her, loved her & was hers whenever they were together, nothing else mattered.

The book does tend to get irrelevantly lengthy at times & the sentences seem to go round & round in circles!

However, for the past one month, the characters have become part of my life, I would shamelessly steal time out of my job to read a few more pages. Of course, I would miss them ☹

Also, I would like to thank the authors for giving me a new playlist from the 60’s (bliss!) 😊

So, grab your copy & read the 500ish pages to figure out if there’s Only One Woman in Scott’s life!  😛 😊

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Happy Reading!! 💖

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