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Read the How’s and Why’s of Artykite, which provides unique gifts for book lovers based on Urdu, Hindi & Indian Literature.

1. It’s pleasure to have you Artykite team on this platform. Tell us something about your background.

Artykite fuses Pop Art with Poetry and Literature to create unique soulful merchandise. We believe that Literature and Poetry make everything beautiful and when accompanied by good art, it only gets perfect.
We started a year and a half ago. The idea was to create a brand that is “cool enough” to fascinate the youth and be meaningful at the same time… Through our products, we attempt to bring a revolution in the domain of lifestyle and gifting.

2. Artykite is a brand name and our readers would love to know the people behind Artykite.

Artykite was founded by the sibling-duo of Sani Khan, an Artist, and Academician and Aleena Khan, a Law graduate with creative interests. They are based out of South Delhi.

Sani did his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and Masters in VFX & Animation from the prestigious AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia.

He likes to express himself through thought-provoking illustrations and animation especially relating to Sufiism and Indian Poetry. He has been experimenting with visual media communication by using sand, clay, paper and other objects in animation thereby, giving life to interesting stories and ideas. He had previously won First Prize for Best National AD Film titled, “LIVING STAR” (a Sand Animation short film) at the MBICEM First Frame 2015 Seventh International Film Festival. He is currently a Guest Faculty at this alma-mater, AJK MCRC. All the artworks and illustrations used in Artykite Merchandise are conceptualized and designed solely by Sani.

Aleena has been donning many hats for Artykite since its inception. Besides being a Lawyer, she is a tech enthusiast who loves poetry and literature. She is a creative thinker and carries out research on poetry and literature. This helps in ideation for new products. She strategizes the business development. She manages the website and social media presence. Aleena also works on the content strategy and promotion of the business.

3. The “Artykite” name sounds very interesting. How did you think about this name?

“What’s in a name?” (pun).

A kite is a perfect example of something that touches the horizon but stays connected to its roots. A kite is probably the first thing ever that Humans were able to send into the sky, high between the clouds. It symbolizes innovation, experiment, and creativity. How can we go on without the mention of Benjamin Franklin’s Kite Experiment? Incidentally, the Wright brothers were also inspired by the mechanism of kites to eventually invent the first-ever airplane. In India, we associate Kites with freedom and celebration. In fact, the kite-flying trend on 15th August is associated with an incident where the slogan “Simon Go Back” was written on hundreds of kites and people flew them in protest.

We coined a few more names and then finalized on Artykite as it represented our vision of scaling the heights with art, yet is deeply rooted in our culture.

4. Your product shows your love for the poetry even Artykite was launched on World Poetry Day. Tell us about your love for the Poetries, and which is your favorite poetry?

Yes, on 21st March 2017, which is also the World Poetry Day, we launched our website in a hope to make the writings of great literary gems like Ghalib, Kabir, Iqbal, Tagore, Faiz, Majrooh Sultanpuri etc. available to every home, office or institution. It is extremely hard to choose favorites they are all legends.

5. How were your friends, family member’s reaction when you first told them about Artykite?

The family has been very supportive throughout. Poetry has been in our consciences since childhood because of them.

Friends were unsure if this would work. However, the most amusing was the reaction of our customers. It was like people were just waiting for such products. Whoever buys from us is delighted to be associated with such a brand and such products. Probably because the products resonate the customer’s ideas and personality and help them present the same to the world.

6. How many products does Artykite have?


We have approximately 167 different products now, in various categories. We have Mugs, Diaries, Posters, Bookmarks, Bags, Greeting Cards. The Lamp is our most popular product. We are experimenting with a few new product ideas too. If your readers have any ideas, we would love to hear from them in comments or over our social media channels.

Mast Kalandar

7. Why did you decide to make products on literature?

Initially, it was just a very personal thing. We created a few such products to decorate our own house. When people visited, they were keen to know where they could buy them. This caught our attention. We realized that people who are fond of literature and poetry would love to have these products in their homes and offices. We hoped they will love a pinboard poster of Jaun Elia on their office desks, a Ghalib Mug to drink their coffee in, a journal with the title “Izhaar-e-Jazbaat” (expression of emotions) to write their poetry. That was when we decided that we must fly this arty-kite.

8. Do you have any plans of selling other products than what you’re selling now?

Yes, we want to venture into clothing and other lifestyle products.

9. Shayari is a thing that most Indians love to listen or to read but can we know from you that which age group buys the most Shayari related products on Artykite?

ahmad faraz

Surprisingly, the youth. Majority of our customers are aged between 18-30.

Our products cater to the needs of both, well-read people who have deep knowledge of Poetry and Literature as well as the newbies who are keen to understand and learn the same.

Students buy our products for their own use and for gifting. They often mention that our products inspire them.

We have received encouraging response from many eminent people including renowned Journalists, Filmmakers, Theatre-artists, Writers & Poets, and Lawyers who have bought our products.

10. Are you working on any other product, you want to share with readers?

Yes, we are trying to develop traditional calligraphy tools. We have started with Calligraphy Qalams, which are not accessible easily these days. They are available on our webstore and can be shipped across the country. We are also experimenting with a special notebook and ink for the art of calligraphy. We have recently launched a new variant of lamps which have received a positive response from early buyers.

11. What an average day for Artykite Team looks like?

We sell products online as well as offline, therefore, a lot is there to manage. If we are not busy with event participation at colleges or literary festivals, we are usually brainstorming on growth or new products. All this along with our regular tasks of fulfilling online orders and interacting with customers.

Our products are also available at Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place, Delhi, so a lot of time goes there as well.

With all the work we do, we try to take out time to indulge in poetry. Perhaps, poetry could be a solace and inspiration at the end of a busy day.

12. How many Team Members does Artykite have?

We are a small team of around 7-8 people.

13. Do you accept speaking invitations?

Yes, we accept such invites.

14. Any advice for people who are struggling through their lives?

In the words of one of our favorite poets – Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Dil na-umeed to nahin nakaam hi to hai
Lambi hai ġham ki shaam magar shaam hi to hai

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