My Oldest of Friends by Balu George | Book Review
My Oldest of Friends by Balu George | Book Review

My Oldest of Friends by Balu George

Book Review of My Oldest of Friends by Balu George

To start off, I thought this collection was and is breathtakingly hilarious. The cover of Balu’s My Oldest of Friends attracts immediate attention, but it is the poems that will slide into your thoughts and demand your attention.

Opening Lines: 3 admissions to the psychiatric ward in 10 years,
Once escorted there in a police jeep.

Page count: 162 pages

Publisher: Wordit CDE

Publication Date: December 13th, 2018

My Oldest of Friends is Balu’s second book. It is an unpredictable collection of poetries. It was nothing like I had expected.

Each poem surprised me with every turn of the page, ‘My Oldest of Friends’ invites you to go beyond love and loss, hope and heartbreak to explore the humorous side of the human heart. Balu’s style has no particular rhyme and incongruous though it seems, they achieved a harmony, each offering their readership a taste of their unique taste.

It was the first time I read poems that were humorous, especially The Old Man and Deepika Padukone had me in stitches. My Oldest of Friends is the type of book that’s not merely funny it’s philosophical and profound. Though there were a few that fell to impress me but I guess that is how Poetry books are meant to be.

My most favorite among many are

  • The Old Man and Deepika Padukone
  • The Oneness of all things’
  • The Poor English Man
  • Travel
  • Old Man
  • Moon

But the Poem ‘Old Man’ touched my heart:

Every day I see an old man,
On a wheelchair,
Sit in front of his apartment,
Across the street from,
The Café I frequent,
He watches the flow of traffic,
And the folks walking by,
He seems content,
Taking in the sights,
He does not seem to want anything more.

Author George shares some beautiful poems from all walks of life, as well as some funny poems through which Balu George brings us an interesting perspective on mental health. it was brilliantly done.

I highly recommend this book ‘My Oldest of Friends’ to everyone, for I know you will love to enjoy it.

My Rating: 3/5 stars


My Oldest of Friends by Balu George | Book Review

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