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My First Visit to Taj Mahal

My First Visit to Taj Mahal

“Just a 5-minute walk from here”

“You’re saying this for half an hour”

“This time I’m more than sure that it’s just right behind that building”

We i.e., I and my friend Manas were looking for a toilet. I had my EFLU exam yesterday at Lucknow and from there we decided to visit Taj Mahal as it is JUST 335KM away from Lucknow.

At night, we took a bus which was an ordinary one but felt like a VOLVO and the road was so swift and smooth that we felt like we are on a plane (not Spicejet).

I know I know! I’m too humorous :p

The road was so bumpy and the bus was so terrific that our backs still ache when we think of it. After that not-so-good ride, we opened google maps on our phone to look where Taj Mahal is and then we found that it was around 6km from where we are. It was 5 a.m. and so at first we thought that we would go on foot but then we realized that we hadn’t been to the toilet since 18hrs. So, we started our search for a government washroom where we can dump off but that move resulted to be a fiasco. Then, we calculated how much money we had and decided to go to a hotel.


In India, you don’t actually need apps or websites like Trivago to find the best Hotels, you just need an “Autowala“. Just sit in his auto-rickshaw and tell him your budget and he will take you to the best Hotel in that area at that price. They help so willingly because the Hotel owners pay them to bring customers.


So, we took an auto and told him that we have Rs. 400 and all we need is a room with toilet attached for at most 2 hours and he did take us to a Hotel but it was so smelling so bad and also, the toilet was worse than a free Government Toilet. I literally felt like I’m gonna puke, though I didn’t. Then we said “NO” to both and then Autowala took us to another hotel which was even worse than the previous one. So, we paid Autowala his charge and told him that we don’t need a Hotel anymore and suddenly his behavior changed. He started castigating us and so did we and then after a while, we saw a crowd gathering around us and so we ended the whole thing.


We then decided that we will not go to the hotel. We will visit the Taj Mahal, first and then look for the Hotel.

Taj was Western Gate was 1KM from where we were and thus we decided to walk.



The thing about the Taj Mahal is that you can’t even have a glimpse of it until you cross the entry door or it might only be the case with Western Gate. We then went into the queue to buy tickets which costs us Rs. 40 each. This is the entry fee for Taj:

And this was our ticket:

Our Taj Mahal Ticket


We then aligned up in the queue for security check and I was wondering what Taj Mahal would look like! Well, a long ago someone told me that the first glimpse you would have of Taj Mahal would be the Featured Image your mind will set for any topic on Taj Mahal and trust me it really is true.

First Glimpse of Taj Mahal


I was just adoring her beauty when I heard my friend saying, “Is that all? I thought of Taj Mahal to be much bigger than this” but to me, it was the most alluring architecture I have ever seen in my life. We then went towards it and below I’m attaching some pictures of there but the thing is that clicking photos inside the mausoleum was not allowed, hence all pictures are outside of the Taj!

A must having pose with Taj for Indians
Well, you’re not an Indian if you went to Taj and didn’t click a picture like this
Getting nearer
Getting nearer
Entry to the inside of Taj... Sorry! No cameras allowed!!!
Entry to the inside of Taj… Sorry! No cameras allowed!!!


shah jahan prison

At the backside of the Taj, you can see this small red architecture across the river. Can you see it? Well, this is where Aurangzeb kept Shah Jahan as a prisoner. Shah Jahan was so enamored by the beauty of Taj that he wished that his prison must have a window from where he can look at Taj and Mumtaz for whom he had built Taj.

Some underground paths were closed by the governments and people say that the souls of the labor lives there and shouts at night.



Bye bye Taj Mahal
Stop looking at the couples!!!

Well, that’s all. After alluring its beauty for more than 3-4 hours we turned back, took an auto-rickshaw (we got one without any fuss), then bought some Petha (a translucent soft candy) of which Agra is famous for! Then, took a bus from the Bus Station and that’s where we found the Toilet. We rested for some time and then took a bus to the home!

A Teardrop on the Cheek of Time

I truly wish to share how I felt at that moment instead of just sharing the pictures and some words but humans are still working on FEELING sharing machine!!!

Do comment if you have visited the Taj Mahal, if yes, then how was your experience and if no, then do you want to?

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