Musings Diary: A Collection by Hitarth Raval | Book Review
Musings Diary A Collection by Hitarth Raval | Book Review

Musings Diary: A Collection by Hitarth Raval

Musings Diary is a collection of random musings and thoughts, inspired by the people around the author. A very interesting perspective to look at everyday things and emotions!

Opening Lines: That ever-lasting smile on your face, that undying tenderness in your eyes should never vanish.

Page count: 104 pages

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: August 11th, 2017

Book Review of Musings Diary: A Collection by Hitarth Raval

One can muse on about anything, from a dried lone leaf to the people around you. Hitarth’s Musings Diary is such a book that has musing and thoughts out of the daily lives of people around him, their losses, achievements, love, and fear. For readers like me who find solace in Poetries and Musings, this book is a perfect retreat. This book is very light on the palate and very relatable.

Musings Diary is only 106 pages long, starting from ”Who are you?” where the author is talking about his love. Describing her inner beauty and comparing her with an angel. After that other Musings and Poetries follow like ‘Bound yet Free” in this he is talking Paradox of love, Powerful Weapon” where he points out that love has seven basic emotions, love can be as lethal as it can bring joy and happiness in one’s life. These poems and musings inspire its readers on every turn of a page.

Musings Diary is Hitarth’s debut book. Some of the musings of the author were spontaneous and some took longer to write, but the book was compiled in 3-4 months. All in all, Musings Diary turned out to be a good read for me. Musings Diary is easy to read and leaves something to ponder over and a yearning for a little bit more.

My Rating: 4/5 stars


Musings Diary: A Collection by Hitarth Raval | Book Review

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