Mitron - Review | Full of ingredients but wrong stirred!

Full of ingredients but wrongly stirred! Should you watch Mitron?

Released in 2018, Mitron is Kritika Kamra’s debut film and the title of the film is inspired by the first word of many speeches by Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Also, it’s a remake of a Telugu Movie “Pelli Choopulu”.


Ok, so the main protagonist of our story is Jay, who is born and brought up in a middle-class Gujarati family and for education’s sake, he is an automobile Engineer (without a job).

With him are his 2 friends, Raunak and Deepu who like him don’t work either except one of them is a photographer, though now I don’t remember who he was.

Jay’s father is very unhappy with Jay’s lifestyle and thus decides to get him married. So, they go to meet the to-be bride and her family but accidentally, they get to a wrong address and that’s where Jay finds Avni, the female lead.

Now, the thing is that everything could have had been normal but baby! its BOLLYWOOD, we don’t have a word NORMAL in our dictionary.

So, somehow Avni and Jay end up in a room of which’s door is locked. There they get the time to know each other. Their past and their goals and why are they marrying, you know all that stuff!

The Sweet dish was about to get sweeter but their family came to know that they are at the wrong address and then they break the door and took Jay with them.

After this meeting, everything changes. They (Avni and Jay) decides to start their own Food Truck and … (I believe in no spoilers) :p


See, this movie has everything that an average Bollywood movie has.

  1. A protagonist who was sort of a fool at first but by the end becomes a hero.
  2. 2 goofy friends who only live for the protagonist. They can literally do anything for the hero!
  3. Good Songs

  4. Funny Scenes and Dialogues (especially when Jay decides to make Prank videos)
  5. Some Romantic Moments
  6. An ex-boyfriend who is also a villain
  7. Angry fathers whose only job is to castigate their children on every step, end up feeling the proudest father
  8. Love (how can a Bollywood movie survive without this)

But still!

The first half of the movie was all about past. Their exes, their lifestyle, their education and Why are they getting married!

The other half is where the real story starts.

I think the crew was actually making a 5-6 hour movie but then they realized that CBFC won’t allow it, so they just put all the scenes in a mixer, ground it and served it all in the other half.

The other half constitutes of the leads falling in love, starting a business, business getting successful, re-entry of the ex, heartbreak, frauds, lies, fathers realizing the values of their children, woooshhh and etcetera etcetera!

In terms of acting, the whole cast was really good except Kritika Kamra. She was good but she really has to get inside that actress console.

The songs were good too.

My Rating: 3/5 stars



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