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Marigold Stories by Madhumita Roy

A literary delight to the readers’ mind

Book Review of
Marigold Stories by Madhumita Roy

The title of the book ‘Marigold Stories by Madhumita Roy’ is as beautiful as the cover itself.

And apt to the title, the stories are as beautiful and fragrant as flowers.

Page Counts: 67 pages

Publisher: Authorspress

Madhumita’s ‘Marigold Stories’ is a collection of 8 short stories. The stories are spread across different walks of life and their perspective.

My Initial Impression:

The first thing I liked about the book was its cover: adorned with the Marigold flowers, which represent our culture, and the happy yellow and a shade of serene green colors made the whole thing appealing.

Out of eight stories, I enjoyed reading:

  • Ranga Kakima
  • The Murder Story
  • Daily Passenger
  • My husband’s stories

These I loved because of their detailed yet fascinating treatment of characters and as well as the way they ended: giving it a very nostalgic treatment to the whole of it.

The stories span across so many emotions and events – love infidelity, betrayal, death, anger…

The author Madhumita Roy is a teacher in English literature and is a researcher in the literary and cultural text on contemporary lines. Hence the traces of her passion found their way into the stories of the book.

The high entertainment quotient and the fast pace of the story made sure that the readers never lost their interest in the stories.

What I love the most in the book?

Just 67 pages, this book is a literary delight to the readers’ mind.

And I want to recommend ‘Marigold stories’ as it’s a perfect short read. The narrative is flawless and very engrossing. Each tale is vivid that it is going to transport its readers into the very minds of its characters.

What I did not like about the book was that it was quite a short read. A few more stories and voila!

I just want to say that such a talented Author like Madhumita Roy are hard to find.

My Rating: 5/5 stars


Marigold Stories by Madhumita Roy

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So, that was our review of Marigold Stories by Madhumita Roy. Hope you liked it and if you really did then do throw some love in the comments.

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