Left from the Nameless Shop by Adithi Rao | Book Review
Left from the Nameless Shop by Adithi Rao | Book Review

Left from the Nameless Shop by Adithi Rao

Book Review of Left from the Nameless Shop by Adithi Rao

Adithi Rao’s book Left from the Nameless Shop is infused with the fragrance of Small-Town of the 1980s. This is a Collection of interconnected short stories set in Rudrapura, the fictitious small town of Karnataka.

Opening Lines: At half-past five in the evening, Devendrappa captured the eyes of Gabbar Singh on canvas to perfection.

Page count: 325 pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication Date: December 25th, 2018


The cover of her book of short stories is garnished with the very color of the era, that was more humane. The Town people were not just individual, they were a community. Their lives were more connected and interdepended on each other than in today’s virtual world of WhatsApp and Facebook.

“These are stories of the life you have left behind. One that you hope to return to.”

The stories speak of the life, love, pain, struggles, and death of each eclectic character. You take your own time reading them, savoring each tale slowly, because you don’t want to rush and ruin the charm it holds over you.

The tales of the life of the fictitious town of Rudrapura is heartwarming. Moves you to the core of your heart. Eliciting emotions deep within you.

Language & Narration

Language is key here. Adithi is a minimalist, chiseling her prose into its essence. Adithi’s narrative is compelling, poetic yet simple – at once intimate and beautiful. It is as though I  was there with the characters, living every minute of their life. The mix of emotions in Adithi’s writing is extraordinary.

The stories in the book reminisce you of Malgudi Days, that is because the Author Adithi was inspired by Shankar Nag’s beautiful televised rendition of Malgudi Days. Readers can see the very essence Adithi’s growing up years with her very large joint family to the 1980s Bangalore in this collection of short stories.

I loved each and every story of the book ‘Left from the Nameless Shop’, from the first story about Devendrappa to the last story of water harvesting. It teaches you a lesson in humility. This book has earned more than 5 stars and a place on the Re-read section of Bookshelf.

My Rating: 5/5 stars


Left from the Nameless Shop by Adithi Rao | Book Review

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Left from the Nameless Shop by Adithi Rao
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